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5 Date ideas for while the kids are asleep

Keeping the romance alive when you have kids is tough. Doable for sure, but it takes some work. You need to squeeze in romance whenever you can. And most days the only time you and your honey have to yourselves are those few hours between your kids’ bedtime and your crash time. So, why not make the most of them and plan some romantic mini-dates for when your kids are asleep? Here are some ideas.

Camping in the backyard

Pull out two sleeping bags and fire up the grill — you two are having a romantic night under the stars. Find some sticks and get the fixings for s’mores and your date night is totally set. Does it get any more romantic? Don’t be afraid to lick to leftovers off his fingers for a sexy addition to date night.

Candle lit cookie making

I know some relationship experts will tell you to fix a candle lit dinner if you’re looking for romance. But after you just worked all day, cooked dinner for the kids, and prepped lunch for tomorrow, are you really going to make a three-course meal? Please. So, why not set the mood with candles and make something way easier together. Cookies! The smell of cookies baking beats a steak sizzling any day of the week, in my carb-starved opinion anyway.

Reminisce Rental

When the bedtime stories are told and the kids are tucked in, you two might be too bushed to do anything but sack out on the couch. No problem! Make your couch potato evening a little romantic by On Demand-ing the first movie you ever saw together. Unless your first flick together was a Pauly Shore movie. Then maybe go for the second movie you saw together. That creepy-deep is a total mood killer!

Bath time

Another relaxing idea is to clear out the toys from your tub and have your own romantic bath time. A little bubble bath, some romantic music, maybe some candles, and you’re set.

Dance party

If you’ve got a little energy left to burn, channel it into a dance party. Play the first dance from your wedding, oldies, newbies, whatever will get your husband and you bumping and grinding. And don’t worry about the noise. You’ll be surprised at what kids can sleep through.

Just because it’s weeknight and you don’t have a babysitter doesn’t mean it can’t be a date night. Have other ideas for post-bedtime romance? I’d love to hear what you’ve tried with your hubby. Leave them in the comments below!