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3 Spontaneous trips to take with your husband

There’s almost nothing better you can do for a relationship than taking a trip, just the two of you. Romantic time without your typical daily distractions will give you two the chance to relight your flame and get frisky… in the bedroom and out!

The beach during off-season

There’s a reason I moved from New York to Miami and then to California. I’m an ocean girl through and through. No scenery gets me in the mood more than an ocean and sand (well, maybe the scenery at Tiffany’s). A great way to save some money and still get that oceany goodness is to plan your trip during off-season. The ocean is just as beautiful when you’re wearing a sweatshirt. Plus, beach towns will be empty during the colder months. It’ll feel like the town was made for your honey and you. How romantic!


I know. I don’t come across as the camping type. But, I can kick off these stilettos and rough it with the best of them. And I definitely can if it means camping with my man. Camping is so fun and there’s so much teamwork involved in setting up a tent, collecting firewood, and prepping dinner out in nature. Plus, it’s sexy to watch a man build a fire.


A staycation isn’t technically a trip, but it can still be as romantic and fun as some spendy getaway. I’m talking about a real staycation here though, not just taking a day off work to run errands together. Plan a full weekend of activities and outings for the two of you and make sure that there are no chores or work tasks on that list. You’re staycationing, baby! Treat it like a real vacation. The only difference is that you’re staying in the same zipcode. Turn off your phones, shut your laptop down, and let your friends and family know that you’ll be out of touch. (Read about Rachel and Destin’s staycation here! Love them.)

Do you have a favorite place you go with your boo? Where’s your next vacation? I’m thinking of taking a trip to Palm Springs and would love to hear about your plans to jet set. Sometimes a little vacay is the perfect medicine. On August 8th, grab your girls (or your honey) and go see how one spontaneous trip changes a whole relationship in Hope Springs. It’s never too late!