3 Important lessons Amy Schumer can teach you about love

Trainwreck MovieGuys, I am girl crushing hard on Amy Schumer. Have you all checked her out? If not, you have to go see Trainwreck, her hilarious movie, watch her show on Comedy Central, Inside Amy Schumer, or if you’re lucky enough, go see her live. Amy is doing something deliciously new in comedy and I think it’s effing awesome. She’s all voice and I have almost peed my pants watching some of her stuff. Amy is currently single, at least, according to most of her jokes, but still, I think she has a ton of lessons to teach anyone about love.

Love yourself first

Amy gets that you need to be cool and comfy with yourself before you can expect anyone to invest in you. She is so confident on stage and openly embraces her “flaws,” serious ones and sillier ones that are perceived by society’s absurd standards on women. She is undeniably herself and owns all of her parts. That may make her intimidating to a weak guy who isn’t as confident, but who wants to date a drip like that anyway? A man who knows his worth and what he’s looking for will be drawn to Amy, and any other woman as self-possessed as she is. That’s the kind of man you want to be reeling in, ladies.

Be honest

What makes Amy so funny is how honest she is. Some of her funniest bits aren’t even punch lines. They’re just honest reactions to strange stuff in the world. It’s sheer genius. Honesty obviously applies beyond comedy. When it comes to relationships and love, you need to be open and honest, both with yourself and your partner. Know what you’re looking for and what you have to offer and don’t kid yourself or advertise falsely. For example, we all care about looks. It’s fine to know that about yourself and arrange your dating priorities to accommodate that. Also, tell your partner what you need as soon as your realize it and you’ll avoid a ton of issues. I obviously don’t know what Amy is like in a relationship, but I can’t imagine her being a shrinking violet. And I’m going to bet that will serve her very well when she finds the right guy!

Talk about sex

There’s a debate going on out there. Is Amy Schumer a sex comic? Some people say yes. Some people say that she talks about sex less than most male comics and is just labeled a sex comic because she’s a woman and her take on sex is shocking. No matter what side of that debate you fall on, the truth is that Amy Schumer certainly isn’t afraid to talk about sex. And you shouldn’t be either. Good sex is a crucial part of a successful relationship and the only way to get to good sex is to talk with you partner about what you like, what you don’t like and what both of you can be doing differently. This might not be the easiest or sexiest conversation to have, but trust me (and Amy!) talking about sex will make your life way better. So worth it.

Are you all Amy fans like I am? Let me know in the comments!