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3 Celeb couples who’ve still got it and why

It seems like the average celebrity relationship has the lifespan of a fruit fly. Buy a magazine or open your Internet browser and all you’ll read about are celeb breakups and high profile divorces. It’s all so sad. But, there are bright spots. A few celebrity relationships have managed not to melt in the spotlight. Here are three of my favorite famous love connections and why I think they work.

Michelle & Barack

Is there another couple in the world who is in the public eye more than these two? Yet somehow, they manage to make it work. And you know what, I think that it’s because they’re in such a high-pressure environment that their relationship is so successful. They have to work so hard for their relationship that they can never take it for granted. Every day they have to wake up and make each other a priority because with national health initiatives, military strategy meetings, and tax reform on their daily agendas, it would be easy for a good night phone call to fall off the schedule. Yet, these two are committed to regular date nights and spending time together. It’s pretty remarkable.

Ellen & Portia

These blonde beauties have managed to strike an impossibly perfect balance of being very publicly being in love while keeping their lives pretty private. But, that’s not why I think these women have still got it. I think their relationship works because they are so focused on and in love with each other’s true selves. In an interview on Ellen, Portia said about Ellen, “She’s taught me that who I am is perfectly good enough. And that I don’t have to pretend to be anything other than who I am.” These two are classic lovebirds who don’t just complete each other, but enhance each other.

Will & Jada

Someone call the Guinness folks because they’re gunning for a Hollywood record! Married since 1997, these two are still going strong. Jada has been pretty open about how she keeps her relationship with Will thriving. Her secret is to spice it up. She sends him sexy pics and focuses on being spontaneous to be sure their long-term relationship feels just as exciting as when they met during auditions for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I love a lady who’s not afraid to wear her sexy on her sleeve in front of her man.

What about the breakups? My most recent celeb heartbreak was when Seal and Heidi split. Who are your fave couples in Hollywood?