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What married women can learn from single girls

I spend a lot of time giving single girls rules for nabbing men. And they totally do need them. But that doesn’t mean single girls don’t have their own lessons to teach, too. Women in relationships, especially married women, could definitely learn a thing or two from the single girls of the world. Here are just a few:

Keep your options open

Single women play the field because they want to be sure they end up in the right relationship. Of course I’m not suggesting that married women do the exact same. But, just because you committed to the same man for the rest of your life doesn’t means you committed to the same relationship for the rest of your life. If you’re not enjoying the current stage or state of your relationship, do something and change it. A little communication, counseling, or even flirting from across the kitchen can land you in what feels like a brand new relationship. Be sure you’re always gunning for the relationship you want and not just dealing with the one you have.

Plan dates (and expect them to be planned for you)

When you’re single, you expect to go out on dates with men. Men should do most of the planning in the beginning, but once the relationship develops that responsibility evens out. Once you live together and get married, it’s easy for date night to disappear into abyss and be replaced “hanging out”. Hanging out with your husband is great, but it wont single-handily support your romance. You can’t bond with Everyone Loves Raymond taking up space in the room so plan real dates with your hubby and expect him to do the same for you.

Keep up with girlfriends

Where would a single girl be without her girlfriends? During my single days, I can tell you, there are many nights I would have been curled up in the fetal position on my couch had it not been for my girlfriends. Instead, they swooped in, took me out, and made me feel great about myself. Girlfriends can be your support, your emotional outlet, and are just plain fun. Married women need all of that too. Just because you’ve got a ball-and-chain (a handsome, wonderful, caring ball-and-chain) doesn’t mean you need to give up your girls’ nights. Keep them up so you have a well-rounded circle of love and support around you. And the occasional Cosmo!

Doll it up

If there’s one thing single gals know how to do, it’s put on the ritz. I see single girls out at clubs and on first dates looking amazing in pretty dresses and done hair. Their married counterparts? Not so much. Take the time every once in a while to do it up. It’ll make your man happy, that’s for sure, and you deserve to feel like the million bucks you’re worth.

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