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First Date Nerves? – Don’t Sweat it!

Woman applies deodorant so as not to sweat

Ladies, nothing kills the playful, flirty confidence that is so irresistible to guys faster than reserved self-consciousness… exactly the way most of us feel on a first date to begin with. What could make it worse? Sweaty pits.

You’re finally out on the town with some handsome mug you’ve been making goo-goo eyes at for the past 6 months- you planned your outfit, your hair, your entire look- but minutes into the date its clear that all that careful planning may be for naught if Hunky Hunkmasterson gets a peek at your perspiring pits. Read more

5 Things guaranteed to get you over any break up

A girl sits by the window trying to get over a breakup
If you’re a living, breathing woman, you’ve gone through a bad break up. It’s just part of being alive, unfortunately and a risk we all take when we give our heart to someone. I’m not going to sugar coat it with any B.S. like, “It’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.” When someone tells that to me after a break up, I respond with a big old middle finger. Post-break up is not a time to insist on sunshiney thinking. But, it can be a time for some tough love. Lady, you shouldn’t dwell on whatever loser let you walk away. You’ve got to get over him. And here’s how you’re going to do it. Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Ask Him Out

Woman contemplates asking him out
As a young teen, I used to love reading my tween magazines to get my fill of celebrity gossip, beauty tips and love advice. Having yet to experience a real relationship, I relied heavily on these magazines to give me the inside scoop on how to win over my crush (I feel like most of the advice in these magazines was directly related to the act of getting your crush to notice you, flirt with you and inevitably fall in love with you). The problem, however, was that all of the advice was more or less the same: Ask your crush out. Read more

The Devastating Sexual Power of Mutual Masturbation

Read more

What we can learn from Robin Thicke’s Marriage Ending

Robin Thicke
Who’s with me when I say last summer it was very difficult – difficult at the level of passing up a buy-one, get-one shoe sale – to watch Robin Thicke, a married man of 8 years, at the MTV Video Music Awards grinding against a scantily-clad 20+ years younger Miley Cyrus? But probably even more difficult was watching Thicke’s wife, actress Paula Patton, field interview questions following the disgusting performance. She smiled through her teeth, she downplayed it as best as she could, she stood by her husband’s choice to wear an outfit resembling Beetlejuice and even moreso his decision to allow the “Miley monkey” (as I like to call her) climb all over him. Read more

3 Ways to know if you can really trust him

A trusting couple
Hello, hello! One of my besties just started dating a fellow she met on OKCupid. (See all of you online dating hold outs, dating on the internet is the way to go! It really, really works!) And he seems great. Solid job, great group of friends, nice home, close with his family. Really, he’s on-paper perfection! And has some pretty nice biceps to boot. This is my friend’s first online boyfriend though and her mom is giving her some doubts. Her mom is wondering if she can she can really trust him. After all, she doesn’t have much history on the guy and there’s no one she can ask for an unbiased opinion. She’s super sure he’s the one for her, but she wanted to know what to tell her mother. So, she came to me for some advice. (Yet another part of being a professional matchmaker that I love—I can help my friends find love!) I thought that I’d summarize what we talked about for you all, just in case it would help any of you newly coupled up ladies out there. Read more