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First Date Nerves? – Don’t Sweat it!

Woman applies deodorant so as not to sweatLadies, nothing kills the playful, flirty confidence that is so irresistible to guys faster than reserved self-consciousness… exactly the way most of us feel on a first date to begin with. What could make it worse? Sweaty pits.

You’re finally out on the town with some handsome mug you’ve been making goo-goo eyes at for the past 6 months- you planned your outfit, your hair, your entire look- but minutes into the date its clear that all that careful planning may be for naught if Hunky Hunkmasterson gets a peek at your perspiring pits.

Or what if you’d really like to make that first impression on Tommy Terrific in an amazing, clingy summer dress you saw in a window- but realize the bright colors aren’t even an option for you?

Sound like scenarios you’d like to avoid? Here are your options…

Chemical based antiperspirants

Not a fan. Do they work?- sure, but many sweat right through them, and the chemicals we are exposing ourselves to every day, for years, should give you pause, as they breakdown on the skin to things like hydrochloric acid and formaldehyde. Hmmm.

All Natural antiperspirants

Okay- so these do seem to solve that uncomfortable chemical question, but unfortunately they also don’t seem to be as effective in improving the problem either…

Prescription strength antiperspirants.

Although these would obviously require repeated doctor visits, are more expensive, and they do not (obviously) eliminate the concern for chemical exposure mentioned above, until recently these were considered the frontline of management for most patients because they were non-invasive.

Micro-ETS surgery

This is an operation that involves dividing (cutting) the sympathetic nerves responsible for the sweat response to stressful situations. The nerves are located in the chest, and the incisions are in your armpit. Obviously this would only be a reasonable option to consider if you truly have a medically problematic sweating problem (and even then, this is not, in my opinion any longer the best option- read on…)— not for the majority of us who just want a safe, easy way to have less underarm perspiration.


There can be no doubt that Botox injections into the armpit area are safe and effective for reduction in sweating, but most people won’t consider them because they are even more expensive ($1000 to $2500 every 6 months)- and for that kind of money most people want a more permanent solution.


– While the miraDry treatment isn’t cheap (expect to pay between $3000 and $4000 around the country), it is a long lasting solution (in the longest studies available so far, patients are still on average 82% more dry after three years), is non-invasive- it doesn’t require any surgery, incisions, or damage to nerves, is a one time thing (the treatment is broken down into two sessions but then you’re done), and IT WORKS!

Because the miraDry treatment involves coagulation of the sweat glands under the arms using microwave energy that is focused at their depth, the skin is not injured, nor are nerves and blood vessels.

But there are some very positive side effects- the hair follicles are also coagulated (so you are basically getting underarm hair removal to boot), and because the sweat glands of the armpits (the apocrine glands) are the ones responsible for creating body odor, you can be confidently more dry AND less fragrant even in the most stressful of situations.

As of this writing, miraDry is the single elective medical treatment with the absolute highest rate of patient satisfaction in the United States- higher than Botox, higher than Breast Augmentation, higher than liposuction (all treatments that also are safe and effective).

So don’t suffer in silence girls- wondering if your sweaty pits are going to compromise your ability to be yourself in front of friends and your new man. Be carefree and confident- your body need not betray you any longer!