10 Small ways to spread some extra holiday joy

Sometimes the smallest gestures mean the most. Just a bit of your time or a few dollars from your pocket can completely make someone’s day, week or month! Remember: The karma police are always on patrol.

Counting to 10, here are some cute ways to make someone smile.

1. Slip a Starbucks gift card into your mailbox for your mail carrier. If you don’t know his or her name, simply draw a smiley face and write, “Happy Holidays!”

2. If you’re traveling, leave your magazines in the seat pocket for the flight attendants. Be sure to let them know while exiting the plane.

3. Treat your boss/team/favorite coworkers to hot chocolate and donuts one morning.

4. Pay for the person behind you at the drive-through.

5. Surprise your neighbors with cookies. If you don’t know them or haven’t met them yet, leave the package on their doorstep.

6. Have dinner delivered to your parents on a night they’re not expecting it.

7. Give an iTunes gift card to your favorite exercise instructor or trainer as a thanks for their killer play list.

8. Meet a girlfriend for a manicure and pick up her tab — just because.

9. Offer a night of charge-free babysitting to a couple in desperate need of a date night.

10. Invite your favorite people over for dessert and drinks for no particular reason — and ban hostess gifts.