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7 “Deal Breakers” that should NEVER break the deal

I’m so sick of women writing off good men for dumb things. No man is perfect. And neither is any woman, including you! That’s why I like to push the idea of limiting yourself to five non-negotiables and then being open to literally everything and anything else. But, so many women I encounter have lists miles long for the men they date and that’s not realistic or helpful to your love life or happiness. If you kick good guys to the curb for really silly stuff, it’s your loss. So, here are seven of the most common “deal breakers” Read more

Are you really ready for the holidays with his family?

Thanksgiving is coming up, folks! You probably didn’t need me to tell you that. Grocery stores, drug stores and Hallmark stores have been ready for the holidays since mid-August, I think. Maybe July, depending on where you live! But, now’s the time of year where we really start to think seriously about actual plans for the holidays. So, let’s get to planning. Are you ready to spend it with your new boo’s family? If you’re not sure one way or another, here are some guiding questions to help you figure it out? (“Guiding questions” is what my elementary school reading teacher used to call our language arts homework. And that was always my favorite subject! Anyway...) Read more

5 ways to make an awesome first impression on his friends

Meeting his friends is almost as stressful as meeting his family and some might say even more important. Most men don’t see their family as frequently as they see their buddies. So, connecting with his friends in a positive way will have a bigger day-to-day impact on your relationship than connecting with his family. Although, obviously both are major when it comes to a successful relationship. So, how do you make sure that it’s a win when you meet his friends? Read more

3 Ways to tell if he’s really interested

The biggest question I get from random women who see me and stop me for advice is “How do I know if he’s interested in me?” Seriously, I get versions of this all the time in person on the street, on social media and from my female clients. And while there are a lot of gray areas when it comes to love and dating, this isn’t one of them. I have very black and white views when it comes to figuring out if a dude is interested and I’m not shy about sharing them. (Big surprise, I know.) Read more

When it’s OK to have a secret relationship

I was watching the Shahs of Sunset reunion—yes, I’m that far behind on my TV! It’s been a busy summer!—and Asa was taking a lot of shit for keeping her relationship off camera. Even though they were pushing her on it, the entire cast did agree that her relationship was going to last the longest out of all of theirs because she was keeping it private. That got me thinking about how sometimes secret relationships are the best relationships. When it comes to happiness in a relationship, it’s now about how happy you seem to everyone else. It’s about how happy you actually are. Read more

How to Help My Partner Last Longer in Bed

Dear Emily, I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years, and love him to bits. He's great! The only thing that kinda gets me down is that he doesn't last as long as he used to. He says that he's just too turned on, which I guess I understand, but he doesn't try to help me finish. What can I do to help him last longer? And how can I get him to understand that he should be helping ME orgasm too, not rolling over and passing out? Read more
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