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7 Halloween date ideas fit for a millionaire

Am I crazy for thinking Halloween can be such a romantic holiday? To be fair, I’m a total romantic, so I think anything and everything can be romantic. But, to me, Halloween is just so much fun when you’re in a couple. It’s autumn and involves dressing up and eating treats and playing around. Those are all elements for a great date, in my mind. And when you’re a millionaire, or dating a millionaire, your Halloween-themed date night can be elevated, which makes it even more fun! So, here are seven date ideas Read more

Why it’s harder for millionaires to commit

Getting millionaires into successful relationships is my business. And it’s hard work. I think it’s harder than traditional matchmaking because millionaires are so hesitant to commit. And of course I don’t mean every single millionaire is a commitment-phobe. But, for the most part, the millionaires that I meet are a bunch of people who are tough to pin down. Even the ones who come to me saying that they’re ready for love and want to find that one special person have trouble committing to monogamy when it comes down to it. And here’s why I think that is. Read more

What you should do now for the perfect holidays with your millionaire

I know it feels like summer just ended a minute ago and it’s tough to think about the holiday season while you still have summer tan lines. But, if you’re in a relationship with a millionaire, you need to strap on your holiday thinking cap right now. Millionaires are on a different timeline from normal folks because their work schedules are typically overwhelming and their social calendar fills up quickly. If you want to spend the perfect holidays with your millionaire, here’s what you need to do now. Read more

Dress like a millionaire in whites that last way past Labor Day

Labor Day is coming up. And while the end of summer traditionally means the end of your warm weather white ensembles, it totally doesn’t have to! White can be a year round color in your wardrobe if you pick the right pieces. In fact, I think year round white is a very classy style and can make anyone look like a millionaire if you do it right. So, I did some digital window shopping (and maybe did some actual shopping for myself on a few of these pieces... I couldn’t help myself!) and pulled out Read more

What to do if you’re anti your millionaire’s political views

About the divorce of President Trump’s new Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci and his wife Deidre Ball. Ms. Ball allegedly left him because she’s very anti-Trump and couldn’t handle how ambitious her husband was in terms of getting into the Trump White House. I’ve made no bones about my opinions on Trump, so I’m not here to defend anyone in the administration. And I certainly don’t think Ms. Ball did anything wrong in ending her marriage. I don’t know the full story! But, I want to share some ways to approach a difference in political views if you’re dating a millionaire on the other end of the political spectrum. Read more

What a millionaire’s Fourth of July plans mean for your relationship

There’s no better time to be dating a millionaire than the summer. Work is generally lighter for everyone and fun is everywhere. There are lots of social gatherings and travel throughout the summer in the millionaire world. It’s basically a season of guaranteed good times! It’s so much fun that sometimes it’s tough to gauge what’s just summer lovin’ and what’s a lasting relationship. But, there are small hints and clues throughout the summer that can help you determine what your summer status means for the future of your relationship. Your millionaire’s plans for Fourth of July weekend are one of those hints. Here’s what their plans could mean. Read more