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What your millionaire’s future travel plans say about your relationship

Spring has sprung and it’s time for warm weather and sunshine... which often means more travel! Something about the cold makes us all want to hibernate. It must be in our DNA to stay put and nest when it’s freezing. Once that snow melts, though, it’s time to open our doors and our passports and get traveling. When you’re dating a millionaire, travel can be a big part of their schedule and therefore, a big part of your life. If you’re unsure of where you stand with your millionaire, their upcoming travel plans can be really telling about your relationship. Here’s what their travel plans say. Read more

Masters of the Illusion

[caption id="attachment_17994" align="alignright" width="300"] Masters of illusion and marketing[/caption]Sometimes I think, when I'm on an online dating site, that women are either: A – masters of illusion, or B - understand marketing really well. As I peruse through the pictures, I think the majority of women over the age of 40 are masters of taking angle picture shots. I see pictures from above, I see pictures from the side, I see pictures from a 90 degree angle. Every single picture I see of a woman over the age of 40 is from an angle. It is never face on. If it is face on, it's always from a distance. Read more

What Will You Risk For Love

So you met a man. He's different. He's unique. He's pretty much everything you wanted. It's almost like you placed an order with the universe. You worked on yourself for all these years, then you called a number and you just showed up. Read more

How biofeedback can improve your love life

I’m sure you all know that while I consider myself an expert matchmaker, I don’t do anything alone. In both my business and my personal life, I consult experts to help me make the best decisions possible. One of my favorite experts is renowned biofeedback expert Lynette Louise. She’s actually referred to as “The Brain Broad,” which I freaking love! She uses biofeedback on a broad spectrum of challenges both at home and abroad, hence the name. Since I’ve found her expertise and insight so useful, both professionally and personally, I thought that I’d sit down and do a formal interview with Lynette for you all. I hope you get as much out of her unique take on biofeedback as I do! Read more

4 Steps To Finding Real Love

You may think finding love is difficult, but I promise that it can be a lot easier than you think! For today's article, I teamed up with dating coach, Mike Goldstein again to give you both a male and female perspective on how to find love. Read more

The ‘Maninist’ movement

As women hunt and men gather, are we confused? Is the unbalance of nurturer and hunter affecting our family systems? This is what I ponder as I date men confused by the lingering effects of long term marriages, that held them in sexless contracts for over a decade! Read more
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