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Before Love, We Must Have Crush

The term, looking for the one. Falling in love. Meeting the right person for you to have that great love relationship is a great end result, but there are two magical steps before you fall in love with somebody. And the first one is: you have to have a crush on them. It really is that simple. You need to meet somebody Read more

Dear Future Lover…

Be available. How many of you have written letters to your future lover? How many of you have written to your future partner? How many of you have written letters to your future wife or your future husband? Sounds kind of corny in a way to most of you, right? But if you don't write a letter to your future lover or your future partner, how are they ever going to energetically receive it? I was sitting at lunch today with my friend, Brad. Read more

What to do if he doesn’t appreciate you enough

It’s all about having an attitude of gratitude. Seriously, that’s the big secret to a happy and fulfilling life. All you need to do is be grateful for what you have and you’ll be living a wonderful life. Of course, that’s easier said than done. And it really gets tough if you feel like your man isn’t viewing your relationship with an attitude of gratitude. So many women I talk to complain about this. They don’t feel appreciated by their man and it bums them out. I don’t blame them. I feel so crummy when I’m in a relationship like that. So, I noodled up some pointers to help you get through this craptastic feeling and hopefully move to a place where you feel valued in your relationship. Read more

Is Self-Love Going Too Far?

Everywhere you look now, it's all about self-love. Care for yourself. Be mindful. Embrace and love your inner child. Forgive your parents for the stories that they have given you that have made you live your life in a way that was not uniquely yours. Look in the mirror and embrace your flaws, and tell yourself how amazing and beautiful you are. Read more

In Love: How to tell if you’re really in love

I’ve been watching The Bachelorette this season. Well, I watch it every season. Love that show! This season seems to be moving particularly quickly in terms of declared emotions and particularly slowly in terms of information. The men seems to already be announcing their love for JoJo without having much time with her, sharing much about themselves or learning much about her. Of course, there’s probably a lot going on off camera or on the editing room floor that we’re not seeing. Believe me, I know that reality shows are just slices of what’s really going on and often not the full picture. Read more

Make Him Feel Loved: 5 Ways to Succeed When Too Busy

MAKE HIM FEEL LOVED!! I'm the queen of the "I'm too busy" excuse. And I know it’s such a lame thing to say. What “I’m too busy for that” really means is “I’m not prioritizing that.” And sure, sometimes that’s fine. Being too busy to watch all the TV you want or being too busy to make tomato sauce from scratch when there’s perfectly good jarred sauce is fine. But, when you’re too busy to make your boo feel loved? Well, that’s a big problem. Read more
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