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How to be sure you’re dating a good guy

The initial stages of falling in love are all kinds of amazing. The dates, the romance, the flirting, the attraction, the sex. It’s undeniable that those things are AMAZING! But, they’re also distracting. They can be so overwhelmingly wonderful that you’re blinded to red flags and bad behavior. You might not be focusing on bigger things that are more important to long term compatibility than dreamy eyes and steamy kisses. Not your fault. Even the best of us are blinded by lust. Here are five quick ways to be sure the guy you’re dating is a good one. Read more

Should politics be a dating non-negotiable?

I know everyone’s saying this, but it’s true. So, I’ll say it, too. We are living in some of the most politically divided times ever. I haven’t been shy about where I stand on this divide. I was pro Hillary and will never feel comfortable with Trump as our leader. This isn’t about being a sore loser. It’s about what I truly feel is right for our country. Even just listening to myself, I can tell there’s a very real split in this country and I know that I’m a part of it. This divide it feels like it touches everything, not just politics. And one of the facets of life that I hear about it affecting the most is romance. Should a requirement to share the same political beliefs be a non-negotiable? I have two answers for that... Read more

3 Ways a second date is way more important than a first

First dates are anxiety producing, for sure. But I think it’s strange that a lot of women I meet are more nervous for first dates than for second dates. Second dates are much bigger steps in a relationship than first dates. I mean, I’m not saying that you should be sick to your stomach every time you get asked on a second date, but it is something you should treat like a big deal. Because it freaking is! Second dates are way more important than first dates. Here’s why. Read more

What to do when he won’t forgive you

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in all of my years of being a professional relationship and love expert, it’s that nothing is constant in the world of love. Relationships ebb and flow. People we love hurt us and we hurt them. It’s just what love is... a rollercoaster of emotion. It’s a crappy position to be in when you’re the one who did the hurting and are hoping for forgiveness. It’s a tough and vulnerable situation to be in. (Of course I’m not saying it’s worse than being the hurt party, but they both have their own very demanding emotional trajectories.) And when the forgiveness isn’t as forthcoming as you hoped it would be, it gets really tricky and icky feeling. Here’s what to do. Read more

Why Older Men Date Younger Women

Do you want to know why older men date younger women? It’s because they're less of a pain in the ass. I can't be any more blunt than that. Younger women are appreciative of the experience they are getting with an older man. Read more

The right way to dump him

Break Up
The saying is “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.” And that’s very true. What the saying doesn’t cover is that you’re also going to need to break up with those frogs so that you’re single and available when your prince comes around. And there’s a right way to end a relationship and many, many wrong ways to do it. I’m a big believer in karma and treating other people how you’d want to be treated. So, I think it’s mega important to dump a guy the right way. It’ll be uncomfy in the moment, of course. Hurting someone’s feelings is never easy. But, you’re going to hurt him any way you do this. So, you might as well do it in a way that will leave you with a clean conscious and make sure you don’t burn any bridges. Here’s how. Read more
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