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Hi everyone!  I'm honored to be one of the celebrity fashion icons featured in Tradesy's celebrity closet sale to benefit CoachArt.  I love children and I love fashion and so when Tradesy asked me to participate this was the perfect project to support. Read more

5 Things you could be doing that put your man down

Sure, they act tough, but men have feelings too. And when they get hurt, they really get hurt. If you’ve ever seen a really emotionally wounded man, then you know what I’m talking about. It’s way worse than any little girl who’s ever been upset about anything ever. The sad eyes, the moping, the pouting, the whimpering. It’s not pretty. Here’s the thing about men though. It takes a lot of pain for them to get to that point. Before a big emotional break down, there are usual a lot of small incidents that they’ve bottled up. You may not even know your guy’s feelings were hurt at first. In fact, there are probably several things you’re doing without even knowing it that put your man down and hurt him. Here are five of the most common. Read more

Moving in before the ring: Why I don’t think you should

I see both sides on a lot of situations. Chocolate or vanilla. Jacob or Edward. Jeggings or leggings. But when it comes to moving in before the ring, I see only one side. Don’t move in with your guy until you have a ring. No ifs, ands, buts, howevers or whatevers about it. I know it’s not a popular opinion, but my PattiKnows-ers, you know that popularity is nothing I worry about. I’ve seen clients do it, friends do it and celebrities do it. And every time I’m there at the end to say, “I told you so.” Here’s why I think it’s a massive mistake. Read more

10 Things you should never send him in a text message

I know you should never say never, but sometimes you have to, and I’m saying never to texting any of the below to a guy you’re dating. Just refrain your fingers from these 10 fatal flaws, and you and your sweetie will have a wonderful text relationship. Read more

3 Celeb couples who should try dating each other

I’ve played professional matchmaker to a celebrity or two in my day, and let me tell you, finding a celeb a mate is tough work. Being in the limelight is a weird, weird thing and makes it really hard to find lasting love. There’s a reason most Hollywood marriages have the shelf life of a gallon of milk! And while the celebrities I have set up were a fun challenge, nothing is more fun than playing matchmaker to stars in a make-believe way. Here are three celeb couples that I think would be fabulous together. Read more

Heat things up with these sexy gestures

Men are simple creatures. Whereas women — we are so much more complicated. Seriously, explaining to my girls in the Millionaire’s Club how to catch a guy is so much easier than explaining women to guys. Men are just, well, boys who have grown up. And there’s nothing easier to figure out than boys. They like to eat, sleep and be flirted with. Well, maybe now it’s a little more complicated with video games, but come on, that doesn’t add much. Because men are so simple, pleasing them is simple. And flirting with them is a total breeze. Here are six time-tested sexy gestures that are sure to turn on your guy, whether he’s a crush, a boyfriend or your long-time love. Read more