Why Don’t Men Call?

why doesn't he call?
Doesn’t it drive you crazy? You meet a guy, you smile, you chat for a while, and then you give him your phone number. You’re waiting for him to call you, but instead he gets into a text game with you. But wait, let me ask you this question… When a man DOES call you, do you pick up the phone? If you miss his call, do you ring him back right away? Or do you just text him back and carry on with the texting game. Back and forth you go, without actually speaking or arranging a date. In today’s modern digital world, everyone is so confused. Nobody knows what to do when they meet someone. Should we call? Should we text? Should we Tweet? Read more

#AskPatti: Sucky sex after monogamy, lending money to your man, when to call him & more!

Ask Patti Stanger
Another week of great AskPatti questions this week, tweeps! You guys really do make my job completely fantastic! As we get deeper into November, I’d love to start addressing some holiday issues. So, hit me up with your holiday sex, love and relationship questions and I’ll put out a few holiday themed columns. Can’t wait! Now, onto this week! Read more

Gay Wedding Bliss

two men on top of a wedding cake
When I was a kid in high school, I remember loving all the history classes I took. I would often imagine what it would be like to have been alive and present for many of those great moments. Would I have been a rebel fighting at the picket lines for change- or would I have been a passer-by- watching and wondering what would happen. This past Sunday I had the opportunity to truly "marry" my affinity for history and my passion for love. I attended the Lesbian & Gay Wedding Expo sponsored by FRONTIERS Magazine in Downtown Los Angeles. Read more

Warning! Having Great Sex Can Blind You!

woman is blindfolded to sex
I was having a conversation with a client of mine earlier. We were talking about her relationship with a new man she’s been dating. Things haven’t been going well, so we looked at whether it was worth saving the relationship, or getting out before things deteriorate. I asked her to write down all the positive things about the guy on one side of a sheet of paper, and all the negative things on the other. She thought for a while and then started writing furiously. At the end of it, there were three things on the positive side, and ten things on the negative. What was top of the list on the positive side? GREAT SEX!  Read more

Top 20 questions to ask a potential Matchmaker: Make sure they are the right “match” for you!

woman interviews a matchmaker on the phone
So you’ve found a certified matchmaker in your area, but you have no idea what to do next or what to expect when you meet with them? I’m here to help! Remember that the process of working with a matchmaker puts you in the driver’s seat of your love life alongside a supportive, encouraging, and knowledgeable guide, but you have to make sure you ask the right questions to get the right match. The initial phone call you made is one of the most proactive steps you can take. A great matchmaker should quickly put you at ease, and ask a few basic questions to evaluate if they are the right person for you to work with. Be prepared to answer questions like-- How did you find out about our service? Have you been married before? What are your relationship goals? Read more

“Help! I can’t orgasm during sex”

A woman has an orgasm during sex
Dear Emily, I am 26-years-old and (as far as I know) I have never orgasmed during sex. I have an amazing boyfriend that I am so incredibly in love with. I’m having the best sex of my life and I still feel like I should orgasm because my body tightens up, my breathing quickens, and my muscles feel slightly strained. However, I never orgasm. Read more