Do you date on potential?

The Millionaire Matchmaker Love Report
Are you sick of dating "potential"? Does this sound familiar to you? "He'd be the perfect guy, if only..." "The guy I'm dating right now, I get so frustrated… if he would only listen to me, just a little bit. We could be so great for each other." "I know he wants to change, I mean, I think he does. I just don’t understand why he's not changing." Read more

AskJustin: Communicating in online dating & judging the first date

Ask Justin Bird
So what's a good opening email when messaging someone on online dating? I can never think of anything to say besides Hey how are you? Brooke, Oxford, Miss.
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Your 3 Top Holiday Dating Questions Answered!

woman surprised man with a holiday gift
Dating during the holiday season can be tricky. With so many work and family obligations, parties to attend, and deadlines to meet, it is hard to know how to factor your new special someone into the picture. My clients express the most anxiety about this subject when they are dating someone with whom they have not yet established exclusivity. Sure, they have been on a couple of great dates, but does that mean they are expected to exchange gifts or ring in the new year together? To help ease the anxiety a bit, here are my answers to the three most popular questions I get from clients about dating someone new during the holiday season. Read more

5 Ways to Tell if Someone’s Good in Bed

a man smiles in bed
People ask me all the time for ways to tell if someone’s good in bed. In fact, I just got this email from a listener in Houston:   Dear Emily, Do you have any tips for figuring out if someone’s good in bed before you sleep with them? The reason I’m asking is because there’s this guy at work who I always thought was really hot, but he had a girlfriend. Well, the other day he came over to my desk to specifically ask if I was going to happy hour on Friday. Then I found out he and his girlfriend had broken up! Now I can’t stop thinking about sleeping with him and I’m dying of curiosity. Are there any clues that might help me even though I only see him in an office? Read more

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Woman tries on dress in the mirror

Who has the fairest changing room lighting of them all?

Trust me—you’ll need a filtered lens to find a well-lighted fitting room in this country. We’ve all been there. As you race to the dressing room, maneuvering an armful of the latest fashions, take heed. Even a fit, toned, and tanned woman with nary an ounce of body fat can fall victim to a bout of low self-esteem when she sees herself in the halogen lighting and funhouse mirrors provided in the typical dressing room, including those in high-end shops. Read more

Managing a Successful Relationship

tips for managing a successful relationship
Yes… Keeping a relationship healthy isn’t easy, but it’s worthwhile when you think about all the happiness and pleasure it can bring you. So what’s the secret to a successful relationship? I believe one of the biggest secrets to long, happy relationships is to manage your relationship with yourself first. In other words, before you meet someone, you need to work out what YOU want from a relationship. I want you to take the time to consider these questions, and be completely honest with yourself. Read more