Get Out of Your Relationship Rut

Get out of that relationship rut, frustrated woman is stuck in a rut

You meet someone new. You think about them all the time and can’t wait until the moment when you see them next. You can’t eat, sleep or concentrate. You check your phone a hundred times a day to see if you missed their call or text. You feel energized like never before, you have butterflies, feel nervous and worry about what you do or say when you’re with this new person. You’re in the romantic love stage of a relationship and it feels so wonderful and magical and you want it to last forever.

But it doesn’t. The spark faded, the thrill is gone. Now what? You may panic, wondering if you made a mistake or if you’re not meant to be together. You should always have those feelings for someone if you’re in love, right? Research says no. For every relationship, it’s natural and normal for the I-can’t-stop-thinking-about-you feelings of romantic love to fade over time. In fact, on average, it only lasts about 18 months. Read more

How to get invited home for the holidays

I was at the mall today and they were playing Christmas music! I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but that’s the official start of Christmas season for me! (Yes, I let mall soundtracks mark important annual events for me. So, what?) The weather is chilly, the mood is happy and anyone in a new relationship is stressy! (And yeah, “stressy” is totally a word.) Anyone in a relationship that’s less than a year old around the holidays is definitely asking themselves what they should be doing as a couple for the holidays and getting really worked up about it. Well, fear not. I’m here to help! Assuming you want to head to your boo’s house for a holiday meal, I’ll show how you can make it happen. Read more

Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger’s diet, workout and beauty secrets –

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Why Do Men Watch Porn?

why do men watch porn?
Women ask me this question all the time. “Why do men watch porn? I’m with a great guy, and we have a great sex life, but he still insists on watching porn. Why won’t he stop?” So why do guys watch porn? To be honest, I believe men watch porn because they don’t want to tell women what they really desire sexually. And from a woman’s point of view, it’s difficult to know exactly how to turn a man on. If he doesn’t talk to you about his fantasies, it’s impossible. Read more

#AskPatti: PDA, Free spirits, finding Prince Charming & More

Ask Patti Stanger
Welcome back to another week of AskPatti. Your questions just keep getting better and better. We’re dealing with some really amazing topics this week, so let’s jump in! ASK HIM! Maybe he doesn’t know you like to hold hands or is embarrassed of PDA or doesn’t want you to feel his sweaty palms. I really don’t know. But, I do know that a relationship without communication isn’t a healthy one. Just ask him about it if it’s bothering you.     Read more

AskJustin: Mixing business and pleasure & watching the game with your guy

Whew, I’m excited! The questions have been pouring in so thank you for all of the questions.  I will be answering a couple questions per week; unfortunately I cannot answer all of them.
How do I get business without putting out? I work in a sales role where my typical client is a middle-aged wealthy arrogant male. The industry is known for being a boys club and if you’re a female rep clients often expect more than just the product you’re offering if you want their business. How does an intelligent and professional female in the industry get business without lowering her standards? Read more