What to do when he starts sexting you

Ever had a guy you’ve been flirting with take it a little too far? I think every woman’s been there. The coffee shop guy who gives you extra whipped cream every morning asks for your number. Or the guy at work you have lunch with sometimes asks to take you out for drinks. Or maybe it’s a guy at a bar who gets a little handsy way before you’re comfortable with it. It’s just something that happens between men and women. And with cell phones part of the norm, these little misfires are becoming more common on text. So here’s what to do when a guy takes your flirty text relationship to the next level and starts sexting with you. Read more

Red flags that say, “I’m not ready to get married!”

We’ve all been there, ladies. You’re dating a dude, and you’re on the verge of tipping the scales from casual dating to serious monogamy, but you’re not sure if this guy is marriage material. You don’t want to ask him because, well, talking about marriage only a few weeks into a relationship could make you sound crazy. But you kind of want to know because what’s the point of getting serious with someone you’re not going to marry? I mean, raise your hand if you haven’t been there. This is really, really common. While I’m always a proponent of open communication, I understand why you wouldn’t want to point blank ask him about marriage so early on in a relationship. So I created a little checklist for you to go over and see if he has any of these red flags. Read more

Can a no-sex-for-30-days challenge help a hurting relationship?

I recently got asked if I thought a no-sex-for-30-days challenge could help a hurting relationship. My answer was, “Um, WHAAAT?” Seriously, is that a thing? People are purposely trying to avoid sex with their partners for a full month because they think it will improve their relationships? While this might help some couples, I fear that it could also serious hurt the relationships of other couples. So instead of entertaining this question with a long answer, I’m going to give you guys some ideas about the flip side on what else you could do every day for 30 days that could really strengthen your relationship. Read more

How to recover from a walk of shame

So you had a one-night stand. Good for you, girl. Consider this your virtual high five. I know, you might be surprised hearing me say that because I’m the captain of the no-sex-until-monogamy team. That rule only applies if you’re looking for a relationship. If you’re out to get yours, I’m fully in support of that... as long as you’re safe. But if you’re reading this, it probably means that you had a one-night stand and now you’re feeling icky about it. That happens sometimes. Something that’s a great idea at night can look a whole lot less great in the morning light. If you have the post-one-night-stand icks, here’s how to recover. Read more

Why Valentine’s Day is the best day to snag a new man

I stopped by the Glamour Magazine headquarters this week to give them advice on the best way to snag a date for Valentine's Day. You might be anti-love on the cheesiest day of the year, but I can give you a reason to get up and go out on V-Day. It's a sea of single men! Don't believe me? Head over to Glamour.com for the full story!

Cutesy gifts for the “Is he my boyfriend?” dynamic

Valentine’s Day can be a stressful day when you’re in the beginning stages of a relationship. It puts the pressure on you two way before you’re ready for it. Still, you can’t let the day go by without acknowledging it at all. What you should do is keep it easy and breezy with a really cute gift. Avoid any gift that screams, “I love you” or “You’re the one.” Instead, find something that says, “Hey, I’m glad you found your way into my life.” Here are some ideas for gifts that say just that.

Read more