How texting and email can affect your dating life

We are living in a digital world, and it can make dating and flirting pretty treacherous at times. While this has opened up endless opportunities to meet, connect and stay in touch with others, it has also opened up entirely new possibilities of overstepping boundaries and embarrassing moments. How do you date and flirt while making sure you aren’t jeopardizing your budding relationship? Let’s break it down. Read more

Date night hairstyle advice

The good news — you've got a date! The bad news — what on earth are you going to do with your hair? Here are a few tips on date-appropriate hairstyles to consider when planning your night out. Read more

The secret to loving like you’ve never been hurt

We’ve all had our hearts broken. It’s part of the risk we take when we get into a relationship. The problem is that many of us make decisions based on those heartbreaks that get in the way of us creating the type of relationship we desire. We decide that because a past partner cheated, “all men/women are cheaters and can’t be trusted.” Or we decide that we are unlovable because we spent so much time chasing unavailable partners.

Many of you have become cynical in the search for love and are shielding your heart from hurt... and joy too. Or you are afraid to take risks, holding on to the fear of being hurt again. We want you to know it doesn't have to be that way. Read more

When women date up in age versus when men date up in age

If you’re a woman and date a guy who’s even 24 hours younger than you are, you’re suddenly a cougar. If you’re a man who dates a woman 24 years younger, you’re still just a man. And dating younger is definitely thought of as a good thing for men. I get it, life isn’t fair. And there are reasons why women dating younger men is more rare than men dating younger women and therefore more noteworthy. Here's my attempt to explain the phenomenon. Read more

Celebrity beauty lines I love

You know those pages in tabloids that are all about celebrities being just like us? Well, I absolutely love them. I love feeling like I can relate to my favorite celebs, and that’s why I especially love when celebrities come out with their own beauty lines. One more step to being just like them! Here are my celeb beauty lines favorites. Read more

10 Ways to get your relationship stress on a zen level

You know that happy couple that’s so blissfully in love they never have an ounce of stress and spend every single second just hearting each other to pieces with no mixed feelings? Yeah, me neither. Because that couple doesn’t exist. Every single relationship involves some level of stress. Money, relationship status, in-laws, friends, social situations, basically anything and everything can bring stress into your relationship. So here are 10 ways to get your relationship-related stress a little more under control. Hope they help you out. Read more