#AskPatti: Talking future, finding love in a wheelchair, friends with benefits & more!

Ask Patti Stanger
Happy New Year! How’s 2014 treating you, my loves? So far, so great for me! I really believe that the first few moments of the year set the tone for the rest of it and I’ve been in such a positive headspace. I’m feeling awesome about what’s to come! Another thing I’m feeling awesome about, your #AskPatti questions! So, let’s dive into them!

Really glad you added your age in here. Normally, I’d say five years is way past the shit or get off the pot breaking point. But, being as young as you two are does change things. In your early twenties, it’s really tough to figure out what your future is. Here’s my advice, first figure out what you want in your future. Kids? Travel? Career? Once you have a good sense of that, talk to your dude and see what he knows he wants in his future. If your general plans synch up and you two are in love, I have faith in your relationship!
Happy New Year to you, love! Really sorry to hear that you’re lonely. Here’s what I think you should do, stop hiding behind that wheelchair! Put yourself out there and wear that wheelchair loud and proud. Go out to bars, sign up for singles events and start online dating. Your wheelchair will only hold you back as much as you let it. If you’re confident and putting out the right flirty vibes, the right guy will come along. I promise.
I think there’s a time and a place for everything, even friends with benefits. But, I don’t think a friends with benefits situation is sustainable, fulfilling or will lead to a real relationship. Also, it will probably wreck whatever friendship you two had too. So, proceed with caution and go in with your eyes wide open!
Oh, girl. I’m sorry to tell you this, but this guy sounds like bad news. After three months, he should definitely want to spend New Year’s Eve with you. I mean, it’s New Year’s Eve—a fun, romantic night with a smooch at midnight. You weren’t asking him to take you home to meet his family on Christmas. What pressure could he have been feeling? My two cents are that he’s not as into the relationship as you are. Get out and find someone who wants to share holidays with you. He’s out there, girl!

I’m off to enjoy more of this beautiful year. I hope you are too! Mwah!


2 Responses to #AskPatti: Talking future, finding love in a wheelchair, friends with benefits & more!

  1. magnanimous0009 . says:

    Patti looks like similar in certain pictures of Katy Perry.

  2. B.j. Hatfield says:

    Patty 1st let me say your advice is so perfect. So my daughters father and I have recently come together again after a 4 yr on and off and 3 yr absence from one another we have once more begun to attempt at rekindling us. We talked about moving slow and my love is like when I first fell in love he has said he is scared to love . Trying to be strong fighting feelings that is obvious and his past has been hard and I am his rock his encouragement I am expressive with my actions as well as he is how to I keep power and help this time to be the successful relationship we desire but fear the unknown???? Thanks b.j.Hatfield hopelessly in love

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