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Your Sexy Holiday Survival Kit

The holiday season is now upon us, and with it comes the inevitable heaping of holiday stress. What was once the most wonderful time of year has now become the most draining. There is nothing romantic or magical about mandatory office potlucks, overcrowded shopping malls and expensive trips home for the holidays — It turns out that Love Actually was actually full of crap.

Stress is the one of the greatest killers of your sex drive, which might explain why so many of us experience a noticeable dip in sexual desire around this time of year. Between avoiding awkward moments under the mistletoe, fielding relationship questions from nosey relatives and finding the perfect gifts for everyone on your list, there’s hardly any time to connect with the most important person in your life — You!

I don’t care if you’re single or taken; the only way to make it through the holidays with your sanity and your sex life intact is to treat yourself to a whole lot of TLC. And what better way to show you how much you care than by making your pleasure your number one priority?

Replace those Ho-Ho-Ho’s with some good old fashioned Oh-Oh-Oh’s, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a holly jolly Christmas.

So other than an oversized glass of wine and a box of Godiva chocolates, what tools should every woman have in her sexy holiday survival kit? I’ve got the perfect 3 products to help you have a happy and pleasure-packed holiday season, no partner necessary.

The Womanizer

When you think of a womanizer, you’re probably picturing some cold-hearted casanova who dates around, sleeps around and leaves your heart just as empty as your bed. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised, because this particular Womanizer doesn’t just think it’s God’s gift to women — It’s the real deal.

womanizerThe Womanizer is a German-engineered clitoral stimulator unlike any sex toy you’ve tried before. Instead of providing direct stimulation to the clitoris, as most vibrators tend to do, it has a unique silicone tip that surrounds the clitoris without actually touching it and provides a sucking sensation, comparable to receiving oral sex from a skilled partner. The best thing about the Womanizer is how efficient and effective it is — The majority of women who tested the toy reached orgasm in less than 3 minutes! Perfect for squeezing a couple mind-blowing O’s into a busy holiday schedule. (Get it at! Use code Emily for 15% off)

Switch Up Your Self-Love Routine

Nothing spices up a season riddled with tedious routines (some call them traditions, but whatever) than a little sexual variety. Trying something new in the bedroom is a great way to help you get in tune with your body and get out of your head, which can turn into a dangerous place after 2am and a couple glasses of Chardonnay. So what better toy to have in your holiday sex kit than one that can actually provide two different types of pleasure?

selfloveThe orgasmic masterminds behind the award-winning Mimi vibrator have recently come out with a new line of sex toys, called Ooh by Je Joue, that have a couples of tricks up their silicone sleeves. Each toy starts with a large vibrating motor that packs the same infamous rumbles as earlier Je Joue products; then you pick one of three different silicone sleeves to insert the motor into. You can choose from a pebble-shaped sleeve for clitoral stimulation, a phallic-shaped sleeve for G-spot stimulation or a penis ring sleeve to share with a partner. But here’s the best part: Ooh by Je Joue also sells these toys in sets, which come with one large motor and two of the three available sleeves (more to come soon!) The Her Name Is Rio set includes the pebble and the G-spot sleeve, giving you plenty of orgasmic options to look forward to during those dreary December nights. (Get it at! Use code: Emily for 15% off)

De-Stress for Better Solo Sex

Whether you’re coming home from another humdrum holiday get together or have just from holiday shopping hell, you’ll need a little help unwinding before you can move onto more erotic activities. It’s hard to feel sexy when you’re still carrying all of the stress from the day, so it helps to have a few “erotic cues” that get your brain into the sexy mindset. And there are few things more erotic than sensual candlelight.


Much like Ooh by Je Joue products, Emily & Tony aromatherapy candles are more than meets the eye. On the surface, they are beautiful candles that burn up to 50 hours and come in Coco, Vanilla and a seductive Fougere scent. But the sensory experience doesn’t stop there — these candles melt down into a luxurious massage oil that smoothes and moisturizes skin without leaving a sticky residue. Emily & Tony candles are great to use for massaging sore muscles in your hands and feet, and are perfect for setting the mood during sexy time! Either way, they’re a great item to help in you de-stress and get in the O-zone. (Get them at! Use code: SexWithEmily for 20% off your first order)

Want more Sex With Emily? Check out my podcasts for free on iTunes. For some sexy products to enhance your sex life: Unlock the secret to your orgasmic potential with the one-of-a-kind Sybian ($75 off with code: EMILY75). Tighten and tone your pelvic floor for stronger orgasms with the Intensity by Pour Moi. Looking for new additions to your goodie drawer? Use code EMILY for 15% off at Good Vibrations where you can find all my favorite toys in my store.

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