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Are you two having enough sex?

An age old question people in relationships wonder is “Are we having enough sex?” It’s hard to gauge what’s normal in relationships because I doubt most people are accurate in reporting their sex stats. Plus, who really cares what’s normal? What’s matter is what’s enough sex for your relationship, which may be way more or way less than any other “normal” couple. So the real question here is are you two having enough sex for you two? Here’s how to tell. Read more

3 Things you’re not doing but should to improve your sex life

Let me guess. Your sex life is great, but it could be better, right? I think everyone feels that way. Sex is super, but very few people feel like true experts. From my conversations with friends and clients, it seems like even when people want to improve their sex live, they’re not quite sure how to. They think you have to be open to crazy different sex or at least really flexible to switch things up and make an improvement. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s not the case at all. I have three very easy things that could improve anyone’s sex life. Read more

3 Things to do before bed to make you a better partner

Being in a relationship is hard work. And that hard work is constant. It’s not like a job you can clock in and out of. A relationship is round the clock, 24 hours a day, non-stop, open at all hours work. And it can be exhausting. I talk to couples all the time who are just exhausted from the work it takes to keep their relationship functioning. I normally advise these couples to reframe the work they’re doing. Instead of viewing it as work, I try to get them to think of their relationship maintenance as habits. Read more

Sex Goals Every Couple Should Commit To And Stick To

We, as adults, are all about long-term investments. We invest in our 401k, we invest in our dream homes and our dream cars. We invest in a relationship that we believe will go the distance. And yet, we never think to invest in one of the most vital aspects of that relationship — our dream sex life. We focus so intently on the other pieces of the puzzle, and let sex just fade into the background without even realizing how important it really is. Read more

Your Sexy Holiday Survival Kit

The holiday season is now upon us, and with it comes the inevitable heaping of holiday stress. What was once the most wonderful time of year has now become the most draining. There is nothing romantic or magical about mandatory office potlucks, overcrowded shopping malls and expensive trips home for the holidays — It turns out that Love Actually was actually full of crap. Read more

Be The Change You Want To See in The Bedroom: How to Initiate Sex More

Q: Hi Emily, I have a question regarding sex with my fiance. We really only have sex on the weekends, maybe once or twice on Saturday or on Sunday morning. He works long hours and is often very tired after work, and he has stated on multiple occasions that he doesn’t feel like having sex when he is tired. Personally, I would love to be getting busy more often, but I always end up feeling like he’s just not into it. Read more