Top 5 Reasons Why You Got Shot Down


It’s rough out there in the dating world—trust me, I know—but there are certain things men do that will guarantee a shut down. Look, I applaud you  guys for you efforts, but sometimes you have to know when to quit or when to simply not try at all. Here are my top 5 reasons why you got shot down:

5. Your living situation

Money is tight for everyone and sometimes that means we have to make adjustments to our living situations that aren’t very pleasant. Living with your parents for six months so you can save up money for your own place is acceptable. Why? Because you made it known that it’s a short-term fix with an end in sight. Living in your friend’s garage indefinitely and bragging about it is not attractive. You didn’t give me a time frame of when you’re moving out and, quite frankly, it scares me that you would openly brag about living in a garage.

4. Your friends

Douchebag Joe may be a good drinking buddy, but his sexist comments make me want to punch him in the face. Creepy Craig may always help you in a jam, but the fact that he’s hitting on me while you’re in the restroom makes me want to punch him in the face. If your friends are acting like assholes right off the bat, then I can only assume you’re an asshole as well. You are the company you keep.

3. Your line of communication

Asking someone out in person is always the best way to go because you can pick up on body language and eye contact. If she looks uncomfortable when you ask her out, she’s probably not into it. If you take the lesser, easier route (which most guys do), you find another line of communication that will not involve face-to-face rejection (e.g. texting, Facebook, or email). I still think asking someone out via text is cowardly, but definitely not as bad as asking someone out via Facebook or email. Grow some balls and stop hiding behind your phone or computer.

2. My friends find you repulsive

If you approach me and my girlfriends and one of them gives you the stink eye, then you’re probably out. Unless you’re Ryan Gosling, I’m going to trust my girlfriends’ judgment and assume I’ve had one too many drinks to see you for what you are. Making a good impression on my friends is sometimes more important than making a good impression on me.

1. I find you repulsive

Okay, repulsive might be a strong word, but if I’m not attracted to you then it’s definitely not going anywhere. Maybe it’s your hair. Maybe it’s your Affliction shirt. Maybe it’s that vodka cranberry you’re drinking. Either way, I don’t have to justify why I’m not attracted to you. And if I’m not attracted to you, you will be shut down.

There are a million reasons why a woman might shut you down, and not all of them might be logical. The thing to remember is that she shut you down for a reason and that means you need to move on. Don’t send another text, Facebook message, or email, just simply move on. Who knows, maybe the next girl will love your Affliction shirt.