The Three Things You Really Want from a Dating Site!


Finding the love of your life is not always an easy task. If you are busy, it can be very difficult to make the time to find that perfect someone. Therefore, online dating can be very helpful because you are exposed to a much larger group of singles than you would ordinarily meet in person.

Have you ever though, REALLY stopped to think critically though what you should expect from any dating site that you join? No many people REALLY have. So let’s dissect this topic shall we.

First of all, you do not want just to sign up for any site; you need to do some research.

Three things are vitally important when looking at a dating site:

Size of Membership Database

Large online dating services can seem intimidating when going through profiles and possible matches. They do have an upside, though. They offer more options than small websites, which allows you to tailor your search better. If you live in a large area, the more selective you are, the easier it will be to find your perfect match.

The larger websites may have more fees, but most will have a free trial period. This will give you some time to look through the site and decide if it works for you, or if you will use it more than other sites you may be trying as well. (I often suggest people tru out three sites and then compare because oftentimes it does come down to personal preferences) There are dozens of sites available, but if you are looking for a specific niche, it may be better for you to find a smaller dating site that caters to that niche.

Cost of Membership

You do not want a dating site that is completely free for everyone. It is the fastest way to end up with people who are scam artists or place no real value of their time. (Others may argue that point, but ask yourself, ‘Do I want a free date?’. Personally I only like free when it comes in a the form of a free trial period so I can determine if I will use it enough to make it worthwhile to join and USE the site. However, consider the TOTAL REAL COSTS TO YOU.

Some sites will allow you to pay per month while other sites only allow you to pay per year. Just because a site is not as expensive does not mean they are better than another site. Make sure you take your time to look at the features and take into consideration what features are available with paid accounts. FEATURES DO MATTER.

Exposure of Your Profile

When you are looking for a great dating website, you want your profile to be seen by as many other members who maybe looking for someone like you as possible. It’s all about odds. So make sure the odds are in your favor and consider using features that will show your profile above others where they are available. Also keep in mind that with free dating sites, you are often unable to promote your profile or have it featured. However, when you consider a paid site, there are upgrade options where your profile is seen more often.

The decision is ultimately yours; however, you will want to make sure you have done plenty of research before investing in a dating site. After all, you do want meet someone and the more work you put into the process, the better the outcome!

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