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Sex Toys to Put a Spring In Your Step

Sex ToysThis might be a surprising thing for a sexpert to say, but there are few things more satisfying than a good old-fashioned spring cleaning! Sure, there’s nothing sexy about 6 hours of concentrated decluttering, but that’s not really why we do it. Every spring, we clear out the old junk in our lives, both literal and figurative, to make way for something better!

Maybe you’ve already done your share of “out with the old, in with the new”. You’ve re-organized your cupboards, cleared out your closets and even done some light tidying up in your love life, but there’s one area you may have overlooked: your goodie drawer.

Just like your garage and your spice cabinets, things have a tendency to accumulate in your goodie drawer. Before you know it, your nightstand runneth over; but the more cluttered it gets, the less likely you are to rummage through it. The result—a fully stocked collection of sex products that ends up collecting layers of dust.

Newsflash: There’s a big sexy world of products out there waiting to be discovered, but first you’ve got to get rid of the sex supplies that no longer serve you. I like to go by the 6 month rule—If it hasn’t brought you pleasure in the past half-year, into the garbage it goes.

Sex toys left behind by an ex? Trashed. Your trusty Rabbit held together by tape and rubberbands? Sadly, trashed. Lubricant that gave you a nasty rash? Trashed. Expired condoms and ill-fitting lingerie? You’re going to need a bigger bag.

Once you’ve whittled your sexytime collection down to the bare essentials, then comes the fun part…

Whether you’ve found yourself in a bedroom rut or just want to treat yourself to something new, it’s amazing how a couple new toys and treats can liven things up between the sheets. Even routine Monday night sex gets a spark of excitement when it’s paired with a pair of new velcro cuffs of accompanied by the buzz of a new vibrating friend. And with Masturbation Month in full swing, you need a sex toy collection that can fulfill your needs!

Here are 3 hot new pleasure products that will put a spring in your step (and spice up your goodie drawer!)

The We-Vibe Tango

I’m a firm believer that every girl needs at least one trusty bullet vibrator in her sex toy collection, and no bullet vibe gets it done like the We-Vibe Tango. Unlike your regular pocket rocket, the Tango is rechargeable, made of body-safe, recyclable material and is 100% waterproof. It’s discreet design and easy one-push button make for a covert travel-companion, plus it’s multiple intensity levels and vibrating patterns really pack a wallop. And have I mentioned that it’s only 3 inches long?

This is the type of sex toy that Japanese decluttering enthusiasts would love. It provides a plethora of pleasure and takes up virtually no space at all, making it the perfect fit for your newly renovated goodie drawers!

LELO Luna Pleasure Beads

If you’re anything like me, you probably let your exercise routine fall by the wayside during the sweater-weather season. Now you’re dusting the cobwebs off your free weights, with visions of evening jogs and 7-minute-workouts dancing through your head. But in addition to Michelle Obama’ arms and Jessica Biel’s butt, there’s one more goal you should be working toward: Kegels of Steel!

Strengthening your PC muscles keeps your vagina in tip-top shape, sure, but a strong pelvic floor can also do wonders for your sex life! Keeping up with your kegels is relatively easy to do, and it’s made even easier (and more pleasurable) with the help of weighted balls like LELO’s Luna Pleasure Beads. You simply insert the Luna Beads inside your vagina and go on about your day!

While you move around, the beads (which come in two different weights for beginners and more advanced users) automatically cause your Kegel muscles to tense as they attempt to hold on to them, providing an effortless pelvic floor workout. They also subtly vibrate with each movement, stimulating the Kegel muscles and building them up with every step you take. And in addition to their strengthening abilities, the beads’ vibrations can feel extremely pleasurable, slowly building up your arousal the longer you wear them! Can your free weights do that? I’m thinking no.

The Womanizer

Part of the overall appeal of spring is that it’s a great time for self-discovery. Through cleaning out every aspect of your life, you may learn some new things about yourself that you didn’t know before… Like the fact that you actually wear tights that often, or that you have a bad habit of stockpiling takeout menus. Or perhaps you discover that you can have multiple mind-blowing orgasms—Now that’s my kind of self-discovery!

Many women write themselves off as “not orgasmic” early on, but that’s just because they’ve never gotten the RIGHT kind of stimulation. Enter the Womanizer, an innovative, German-engineered pleasure product that has been dubbed the “clit-whisperer” by those who have enjoyed it’s unique gift. Unlike any other sex toy on the market, the Womanizer uses indirect clitoral stimulation to bring women swift and effortless orgasms—How swift, you ask? Of the women who tested this product, 96% reached orgasm in 5 minutes or less, and 51% had the Big O in less than a minute. Talk about efficiency!

While many of us have abandoned our New Year’s resolutions in favor of more enjoyable endeavors, it’s never too late to resolve to work on your sex life. With a de-cluttered mind and a restocked goodie drawer, you’ll be well on your way!

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