What you should do now for the perfect holidays with your millionaire

I know it feels like summer just ended a minute ago and it’s tough to think about the holiday season while you still have summer tan lines. But, if you’re in a relationship with a millionaire, you need to strap on your holiday thinking cap right now. Millionaires are on a different timeline from normal folks because their work schedules are typically overwhelming and their social calendar fills up quickly. If you want to spend the perfect holidays with your millionaire, here’s what you need to do now.

Set expectations

It doesn’t matter if this is a new relationship or you two have been together for eons. If you want your holidays to be perfect, you need to tell your millionaire what makes a perfect holiday season for you. Your millionaire is a lot of fabulous things, but they’re not a mind reader! So, be clear about what you expect. Get into if you want them at your family’s events, if you want a private holiday celebration for the two of you, what you want as a present (or, let’s be real…presents!) and by when you need their holiday wish list to make it happen. I know this kind of lay-it-out-there communication doesn’t seem romantic, and it’s certainly not how Hollywood depicts relationships, but this truly is what it takes to make a relationship work. Expecting perfection without setting expectations or giving guidelines is begging for disappointment.

Plan a schedule

Your millionaire is a busy person and a lot of people are vying for their time. Of course, as a romantic partner, you deserve some priority. But, you need to stake that claim early, so your millionaire isn’t put in a position of needing to cancel to fit you in. Get out your calendars and block off the time you think you’ll need together for travel and celebrations. If you’re close enough with their friend group, ask about group travel and what might pop up. Do the same with their assistant and figure out when your millionaire is already booked up. The more scheduling and time reserving you can do now, the better.

Get ready

And now you need to prep for the season. A millionaire’s holiday party circuit is a lot schmancier than typical holiday parties, so you should start looking for budget friendly outfits now. (There’s maybe nothing more annoying and frustrating than looking for a flattering and affordable black tie dress last minute.) If you two are traveling, book those tickets and get all of your travel supplies. (Wait, actually, the most annoying and frustrating thing is looking for a flattering and affordable bathing suit.) You might want to learn some key phrases in the language of the country you’re going to. Or, you could start your search for gifts for your millionaire (and their family, if you’re in a serious relationship!). The bigger the head start you can get on any of your holiday shopping and travel, the more perfect your holiday season will be.

Happy holiday-prep season… which known to most people as early fall!