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Men, take note! The 10 best dressed guys in Hollywood

Attention to all my male readers and the women who love them: Fashion goes a long way when it comes to sex appeal in a man. Think of any man you know, now think of him in a tuxedo. See what I mean? Any and every guy looks better when he’s put a little effort into his getup. So, here are 10 of the men in Hollywood who I think put their ensembles together better than anyone else. This should give you some male style inspiration.

 Bradley Cooper

This man knows how to rock suit and look comfortable. He seems so at ease, no matter what he’s wearing and has the brightest smile, which is obviously the best accessory any man can have.

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin takes class to a whole new level. It feels like he was born to wear a tux. And then best part about Alec dressed up is that he knows that he’s just there as arm candy and always lets his wife, Hilaria, shine.

Bruno Mars

This guy isn’t just well dressed, he’s got swagger. Not many men can pull off a fedora, but Bruno does it effortlessly. And his sick dance moves don’t hurt either.

Andrew Garfield

This guy’s got nerdy charmed nailed. He might always look like he’s wearing a suit for the first time, but there’s something so endearing about it that I had to include him on this list.

Kanye West

He’s got flash to spare. I love how daring he is with his fashion. And while I don’t adore what he’s put on, I respect him for taking some fashion risks.

Jay Pharoah

This SNL cast member is almost never dressed up, but he always looks great. He knows how to pair a shirt and jeans in a way that oozes style. And I’m normally not into manery (man jewelry), but he dons his bling in a way that I completely appreciate.

Rico Rodriguez

I mean, what a cutie! And he always looks amazing in his little suits with bold ties. Plus, he has some really styling glasses. This one’s a little fashionisto in the making.

Ryan Gosling

Can he do anything wrong? No, no he cannot. And that includes dressing himself.

Jimmy Fallon

I have a thing for funny guys. After my first giggle, I’m smitten. I love how Jimmy always looks so polished and then always acts so goofy. It’s a great yin and yang.

Channing Tatum

Have you seen Magic Mike? If not, stop reading this and head over to Netflix immediately to watch. Once you watch it, you’ll see what I mean. No matter what this guy wears, including a banana hammock, I’ll dig it.