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Why Men And Women Don’t Think The Same

Face off between man and womanToday I have very basic, yet powerful advice for you ladies. Men and women think VERY differently. Men don’t read into everything like women do. If you get a text message from us that says, “Shall we meet up later?” we actually do mean, “Shall we meet later?”

If we say, “I’m tied up today. Can we do tomorrow?” We really mean, “I’m tied up today. Can we do tomorrow?”

There’s not any hidden agenda or underlying secret. 99% of the time, we mean what we say. You don’t always need to analyze what we’ve said, or try to second-guess what we’re thinking. Don’t waste hours thinking, “Hmmm, what does he mean by, he’s tied up today? Does that mean he’s seeing another woman? What’s he thinking? Does he want me to chase him?”

Men don’t speak in code, and we don’t analyze everything women say. You need to realize quickly that when a man is in a relationship with you, he says exactly what he means. No more or less. Sometimes we know it drives you crazy because we’re possibly a little blunter than you’d like, or we speak in short sentences. Men don’t like giving monologues when we’re communicating with you.

“Reading between the lines” is a phrase I’m sure a woman came up with. Men just don’t do it; Not when we’re in relationships anyway. We like things plain and simple. We want no fuss, no messing around, and no games. Try to play games with an evolved man and he’ll cut you off in a heartbeat!

It’s funny, the other day I was chatting to a woman and I said, “Stop trying to look for a sub-text here.”

She laughed because she knew exactly what I was talking about. “How did you know what I was thinking?” She asked.

“Because I know how women always look for some sort of hidden agenda or hidden meaning when men speak.” I explained. So ladies, here it is for you plain and simple. Stop trying to second-guess what men are thinking. We mean what we say. If you’re not sure what we mean ask us!

Don’t lay awake for nights on end, trying to figure out what we’re trying to say. If something isn’t clear, talk to us about it. It’s all about communication, and I tell women all the time stop driving yourself crazy about men. Talk, ask, listen, and stop making scenarios up in your head. Most of them don’t really exist!

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I guarantee men will never confuse you again!