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How to REALLY Turn On A Man

I have a confession today. A little secret you could say. It’s a secret men have kept from you ladies since the beginning of time. If a woman can’t describe what she wants from me sexually, I don’t get turned on. Men love a recap.

We’re wired that way. Think about what happens when men sit around watching football. We turn that commentary up full blast. We don’t really need it. We can see what’s happening on the screen. But we love listening to the announcer talk about a play over and over again. Men are primarily visual creatures, but we love to hear you!

If you really want to turn a man on, sure sexy underwear is great. We love to see your body, and we love to watch you while we’re making love. But what really gets men going is sex commentary!

We want to hear how you feel.

We want to hear what you want and desire.

We want to hear how turned on you are.

When a woman talks about what she wants me to do to her, or how she wants to be taken, it really turns me on. It gets me going. Most men are much more audio reliant than you think. The problem is many women just don’t know how to speak to men in the bedroom. They don’t understand the art of dirty talk, or they’re embarrassed to let themselves go.

Then they wonder why their man gets bored sexually and goes to get his kicks somewhere else. Men need to be stimulated visually and audibly. We’re so easy to turn on. We really are. The more audible you get with us, the more physical we’re going to get with you. The more we know your desires, the more we’re going to want to give them to you.

Speak up. Tell us what you want. Share your fantasies with us. Tell us what feels good. Maybe you had an amazing orgasm from something we did to you. Let us know and we’ll do it again for you. Sexual affirmation is such a powerful thing for a man, and does so much for your relationship.

In many ways, men are like dogs. We want to be praised like a dog when we’ve “caught the ball”, or “fetched the stick.”

By using your voice in the bedroom you have the chance to become every man’s fantasy woman, and I bet if you use these tips you’ll find him a lot more attentive to you sexually too.

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