How to know if your bad boy is boyfriend material

Bad boys, bad boys. Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? If you’re like a lot of women, you’re probably going to swoon when they come for you. Bad boys are undeniably magnetic. But they’re called bad for a reason. (Hint: It’s because they’re bad for you.) That being said, not all bad boys are bad for good. There are a few bad boys out there who do make good boyfriends. You just need to be able to tell if your bad boy is boyfriend material. And here’s how to do it.

What’s really bad about him?

There are men with bad-boy appeal, and then there are men who are downright rotten. Think about it, what makes your man a bad boy? Is it a leather jacket and an underage drinking citation from the ’90s? Or is it defaulting on child support, reckless behavior and generally not being nice to other people? If it’s the former, he sounds like a guy who might be putting on a bad-boy front, but is really a sweetheart at his core. If it’s the latter, he’s just plain rotten and you need to abort mission. Rotten fellows aren’t worth your time, and like rotten fruit, they stink.

How does he treat you?

Read that closely, girl. It says, “How does he treat you?” Not, “How does he make you feel?” The truth is that a bad boy can make you feel great, even when he’s treating you not so great. Being squired around by the town badass is exhilarating. We’ve all been there. Most of us (including me) more than once. But again, how does he treat you? Does this bad boy bring you flowers? Remember important details? Wake up early to bring you your favorite donut in bed? If yes, then great. Let this bad boy posture all over town and grow his goatee and rev his motorcycle engines. You know that he’s a good guy at heart. But if he’s the type of bad boy who shows up late, gets too drunk or embarrasses you with his behavior, then you’re not looking at boyfriend material. The material you’re looking at is toxic waste.

Imagine your future with him

Again, I’m going to ask for careful reading here. I want you to imagine your future with him. The guy who he is now, not who you think he could grow into. Can you see a few months down the line with this guy? A few years? Is he someone you’d really want to live with? What about introduce to your parents? If your answer is yes to these questions, then great. He sounds like the kind of bad that’s good. But if your bad boy doesn’t stay in one place for very long, has never had a long-term girlfriend and the furthest into the future he plans is what you’re buying him for dinner, then get the hell out of Badboyville, lady. This isn’t going to end well if you don’t cut ties now.

Who here has fallen for a bad boy? (Everyone, right?) Who here has had it work out with a bad boy? How did you know his bad was good for you? Can’t wait to hear!