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How To Bring Out The MAN In The Man

bring out the manLove is not lack.

There is something I’ve noticed a lot lately. When I talk to women about love, I hear them talking about what’s lacking.

There is always lack in their voice.

I call them them, Love Score Keepers.

A Love Score Keeper only gives love when they feel like they’ve received enough attention from their partner to warrant a little giving.


Let me tell you, I’ve been in that type of relationship where it was score keeping for love. If I did this, they had to do that. If I didn’t do this, they wouldn’t do that.

That is not love. Love does not come from a position of lack. Love is given no matter what.

We all want this magic called love.

We all want that zing, that amazing feeling we get from being in a great relationship. Yet so many people complain and come from a sense of lack. The haven’t gotten enough.

They complain about their man.

I hear women say it all the time, men are just not men anymore.

Men want you to be hot in the bed. They want you to be a good wife. They want you to be a good cook, but they’re just not men anymore.

Maybe you don’t bring out the man in the man…

Have you ever thought about that? – Bring Out The MAN

Instead of coming from a position of lack — that men are not enough, how about thinking how you can bring out the man in the man.

Maybe when you attract a man, you’re difficult. Maybe you’re a battle to be with and you don’t bring out the man in him.

Maybe the man doesn’t want to be the man when he’s feeling like love is a scoreboard.

Love does not lack at all. Love is abundant. Love is all over the place. Love is in the now.

That’s something we all need to understand.

Love does not lack. If you want to be loved by somebody, you need to become love.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned over the past couple of years is that love was always a battleground for me, and I was wondering why.

I realized it was because I wasn’t really loved.

In order to be loved, you need to become love. Love can’t come from lack. Love can’t come from a place where if you give something, the other person has to give something back before you give something more.

There are so many relationships like that and they’re unhealthy.

The next loving relationship you have, you better be prepared. You better be prepared to be loved.

You better be prepared to be amazing. You better be prepared to be forthright, open, and not keep score.

Scorecard loving does not work. It’s not going to work for you, it’s not going to work for the man, it’s not going to work for anybody.

It’s time you become love.