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Exercise does your sex life good

Why exercise is good for your sex life

If the thought of a great body isn’t enough to get you motivated to workout, think about how it will affect your confidence and, therefore, your sex life. Whether you’re married or dating, the man in your life will find it hot that you want to be hot! That should be enough to get even the laziest of couch potatoes and frazzled executives out to get their fitness on. Join a gym, take a cardio class, hop on a bike every weekend — whatever it is that you like.

Start with smaller goals

It’s that simple — you don’t need to work a six-pack or aim to get in killer shape right away. Just get active and don’t worry about overwhelming weight loss goals. (If you want to lose weight, try Sensa. I preach it. I love it. It worked for me.) Either way, you won’t just appreciate the hotter sex motivated by new-found confidence of an active, healthy lifestyle but all the benefits of getting in shape, including getting a healthier, sexier body and feeling good about yourself.

What and why?

Cardio exercises like running or biking will increase your endurance for sex. (Hello, Fifty Shades of Grey, anyone? Why do you think Christian wanted Ana to exercise three hours a week?) You’ll be able to go the extra mile or two for a long, lustful night of passion or have the stamina for a second (or third!) round. Getting a little stronger with a few weights will help you better hold all those crazy positions sex puts you in. We’ve all had some body part get tired after a while, right? Pumping a little iron will help. Even if you just do a few lunges, squats, pushups and simple stretches at home every night, they will help increase your strength and fitness. You’ll thank yourself after a hot, steamy night with your guy! Hopefully, your bedroom fun is a workout itself!

Oh, the places you’ll go

Stretching every day will increase your flexibility, which means you’ll be able to whip those arms, legs and other parts of your body into whatever positions the two of you like. He’ll love what you can do with your flexibility whether you’re on top or not. Take a little time to stretch yourself, bend and touch your toes. It keeps you young! Take yoga. It’s fantastic for stretching and lengthening your spine and it will strengthen your core and your ability to focus on yourself. This is huge for women in bed! Distraction can ruin your ability to enjoy intimacy with your man.

Again, let’s not forget that sex can be a great exercise in itself — a good romp with you and your hottie can burn calories. Not to mention, it’s always good to clear out the pipes. Sex is healthy in a relationship! Make it to the bedroom as much as you can. Exercise, whether it’s in the bedroom or at the gym, kicks up your endorphins and will make you more attractive to your man as a result.

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