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How to deal when a guy rejects you after the first date

I talk a lot about how to get to a first date and how to get through one, but I don’t think we’ve covered post date protocol enough on PattiKnows. Specifically, the post first date rejection. I know, crappy subject. But, if you’re a single girl who’s dating, it’s going to happen to you. It happens to the best of us. Even me. Hell, especially me! So, here’s my five-step fail proof method for dealing with post first date rejection. Read more

The 4 Worst Things A Single Girl Can Say

A single girl rejects dating advice
Warning: Single ladies, I’m about to get all tough love up on you. I’m out and out sick of listening to my single friends repeat the same toxic sayings over and over again. My friends are fabulous, successful, sexy and very confused about why they’re still single. And from a distance, you’d be really confused too. But, I know exactly why some of my favorite single ladies can’t get a man. It’s their attitudes, and specifically how they talk about dating. If you’re a single gal—my friend or not—who’s saying any of the below totally terrible phrases about her dating life, know that you’re the reason you’re single. Read more

What to do when your new man is sick

Not to sound like a Walgreens commercial, but cold and flu season is upon us. And that means that people around you are getting sick. When you starting dating someone new, dealing with a cold or flu can be tricky. You haven’t even decided if he’s fully your boyfriend, so it’s tough to know what’s appropriate to do for your sick man and what’s not. Here are some tips to help you find out! Read more

What you should make the first time you cook for him

I was at brunch with my girlfriends this past weekend and one of my single friends was talking about the guy she just started dating. It’s been a few weeks and she’d finally invited him over to her place for dinner. This was going to be the first meal she cooked for him and she was freaking out. “I feel like this is wife auditions!” she kept saying. And, frankly, she was very, very right. The first time you cook for a man is a bit like a wife audition. I don’t want to freak you out, but it’s very important. Here’s what to cook to make it go smoothly. Read more

The very real psychological impact of female pattern hair loss

Have you noticed a bit more hair in your brush than usual? Maybe your shower drain is getting clogged more frequently? Are you pretty sure you’re seeing more of your scalp than you used to? Sorry to tell you that you’re probably not imagining it, girl. Here’s some cold, hard truth: Female pattern hair loss is a very real thing and hardly anyone is talking about it! Read more

5 healthy, romantic meals to cook on a date

I always jokingly refer to the first time a man comes over for a home cooked meal as my "wife audition." It just feels like I'm in a reality competition to prove that I have what it takes to be the woman he wants. It's a lot of pressure! No man has ever left me based on my food, but I do think some men have fallen for me a little more because of my cooking. Read more