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Modern Romance

New York is an ever-changing city which means, as inhabitants, we must evolve with it or risk being left behind in the dirt dust. This applies to how we discover our next job, the steps we take to acquire a fantastic apartment, and even the way we look for love. It’s not like it was any easier to find a job back in the day. Gorgeous apartments still exist; you just need to find them on Craigslist, not in the newspaper. And, chivalry isn’t dead; it’s just morphed into modern times. Read more

Kari’s Rules For Dating in NYC – Rule Number One-and-Only

Woman looks for a formula to find love
Lately I’ve been hearing more of this from my single friends: “why is he saying this but doing that?” and “how soon is too soon for X, Y, or Z?” and beating themselves up over things that were said, or not said. Now, I like to think of my self as a Champion Dater of sorts and because of this, I’ve found my friends (and sometimes strangers) considering me their go-to girl for all things dating. This, of course, in addition to my often-unsolicited advice. Read more

Location, Location, Location: Acceptable Times to be a Side-ist

Side-ist: [sahyd-ist] Noun. A person possessing, or thought to be possessing, a superior location in one of the five boroughs of New York City. Can pertain to borough, neighborhood, subway line, uptown/downtown and east/west: “She moved to Greenpoint and suddenly refused to meet us in Hell’s Kitchen for Happy Hour after work. I hate that she’s become such a side-ist.” When I first moved to the City, I was über mobile. I would meet anyone, anywhere, at any time. I was unemployed, living in Gramercy Park, and found I was making friends in every neighborhood in Manhattan, as well as in Astoria and all over Brooklyn. It was an adventure to explore my new city and saying “no” wasn’t an option. Read more

My Life Is a Sitcom

I suppose there’s a reason why so many rom-coms are set in New York City: Those theatrical connections are based on real-life city street experiences. Awkward run-ins with exes are around every corner. Those meet cutes and Oscar-worthy moments have a great way of finding me, and a string of what I’ve experienced would make for a fantastic primetime dark comedy. Let’s tune in! Read more

Fall Cleaning

Over the summer, I accumulated a lot of junk: an unhealthy addiction to purchasing hardcover books, cheap pairs of shoes I never wore, and a lot of empty wine bottles that should probably be recycled. Summer is rough, you guys. Add all of that junk onto the junk I already own, and I’m not totally sure how I manage to fit my entire life in a 7x10ft room. Especially considering my closet only fits half of each hanger inside of it. Why is Spring the only season that has a designated cleaning period? I’m bringing it back for a much-needed Fall Cleaning. Read more

NYC Date Night: Pegu Club

Pegu Club

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