My Life Is a Sitcom


I suppose there’s a reason why so many rom-coms are set in New York City: Those theatrical connections are based on real-life city street experiences. Awkward run-ins with exes are around every corner. Those meet cutes and Oscar-worthy moments have a great way of finding me, and a string of what I’ve experienced would make for a fantastic primetime dark comedy. Let’s tune in!

Is This Real Life?

Starring Kari; Featuring The Men of New York City

In last week’s episode, Kari was running late for work. She bobs and weaves her way through the West 4th station, down the stairs, hopping onto the uptown express train as the doors shut behind her.

Cue the citywide subway power outage! The train jolts to a stop and the handsomely dressed man sharing a pole with Kari nearly tumbles over into an old lady’s shopping cart. With a smirk, he says something witty and Kari is suddenly lost in his big beautiful baby blues.

They eventually evacuate the train, continuing to chat on the platform before he asks for her number and they lose each other in the crowd.

The episode ends in Washington Square Park that Friday, when a dude sits down next to Kari and introduces himself. Kari entertains the conversation until he asks, “How often does this magic happen? Where you sit down and meet someone just like this in the City?”

Kari chuckles as she walks away, knowing that lightning does struck twice. Except the second bolt didn’t get a number.

Part 2 is airing this week, and it shows the downfall of getting to know the Train Delay Man. Kari wonders if perhaps the underground moment should have been left as is, without seeing him again; a great story to be told to loved ones later as the Perfect NYC Moment, instead of The One With The Guy Who Couldn’t Take No For An Answer (aka A Study of The Douchebag Finance Guy).


A fan favorite is the one where Kari finally gives the JSwipe app a chance.  She meets her first virtual date (who insists on going by the name Theo Bentley, for whatever reason) at a bar in the East Village and it’s off to a great start. He’s super witty! And has a great drink reco! He’s not too shabby looking! Oh, and they work in the same industry, how cool! What are the chances they know any of the same people? Slim, right?

Surprise! The first name he drops is Kari’s ex-boyfriend. And suddenly she realizes she’s heard the name “Theo Bentley” numerous times. Because he and her ex are not just aware of the others’ existence, but in fact are good friends.

The episode ends with Kari walking down St Marks in the rain, head down. (Sad Charlie Brown piano music playing in the background and fades out as the credits roll)


Next week’s episode is sure to be hilarious! There’s a montage of Kari and a man she’s dating, in the first few months of their romance, when she’s invited to see a show with him. And his brother and girlfriend. And his parents. But it’s not like “oh you’re meeting my parents” but more like “I would love for you to come to this show with me and it just so happens my family will be there and sitting next to us and oh yes we’re meeting for dinner before and if you don’t want to come I totally understand, but it’s really not a big deal, I promise.”

No sweat! She’s cool and confident. She hasn’t ‘met the parents’ since college, but if she recalls correctly, that went fine…

FLASHBACK!! To her college boyfriend’s mother trying to break her soul at Christmas.

Ok, maybe it wasn’t so fine last time.

But Kari is much older and wiser now. Which is why day-of The Meeting, she over-indulges in a client lunch at Hill Country BBQ [the term “meat sweats” is used in the mealtime conversation] and subsequently smells like pork when meeting the family. The family that keeps Kosher.

The cartoon stinky lines radiating from her body are shaped like bacon.

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