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5 Ways to Find a Date in Time for New Year’s Eve!

Looking for someone to kiss at midnight as we ring in the New Year? Here are some quick tips on how to snag a date! Read more

When should you do the deed?

I’ll give it to you straight. The amount of time you wait before having sex with a guy is totally irrelevant next to this question – are you dating a good guy, or a player? Read more

How to pick the right guy now… so you don’t end up alone later

  Priorities change as you get older. What seems important in your 20’s and early 30’s (like the kind of car a guy drives, the clothes he wears, or the caliber of the restaurants he frequents) turns out not matter in the least once you reach your late 30’s and beyond. Read more

The Inside Scoop on Gay Matchmaking

Matchmaking in the gay community is hotter than ever before. There has been a huge increase in interest in the last few years, and it’s really coming to major popularity in the US, Canada, and Europe. Now there are a lot of matchmakers who work exclusively in this market, and are too busy to take on any other types of clientele. Read more

Never Judge A Matchmaker By Their Cover – London Training Part 2

Have an interest in starting a career as a matchmaker, but don’t think you are the right ‘type’ of person to make it work? Stop putting up boundaries and holding yourself back from a career path that might be a perfect fit! After teaching dozens of trainings over the years, I’ve learned that successful matchmakers come in many different forms. I can’t tell you the number of times I have been surprised by the success of people I thought at first seemed very out of place at my trainings. Read more

The Most Important Dating Tip Of Them All

This concept has been preached about by countless dating gurus, a book was written about it, and a movie was produced, but it is always good to reiterate that sometimes… he is just not that into you. I used to do the same thing that most women do. When a guy didn’t call me back or ask me out after what I considered to be a great date, I would immediately come up with a thousand scenarios about why that may have happened. He lost his phone. He was busy at work. He called but the call never went through! You name it, I just like all of you, have tried to rationalize it. Read more
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