Never Judge A Matchmaker By Their Cover – London Training Part 2

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Have an interest in starting a career as a matchmaker, but don’t think you are the right ‘type’ of person to make it work? Stop putting up boundaries and holding yourself back from a career path that might be a perfect fit! After teaching dozens of trainings over the years, I’ve learned that successful matchmakers come in many different forms. I can’t tell you the number of times I have been surprised by the success of people I thought at first seemed very out of place at my trainings.

For example, at the last training that we held in London, there was one student in the class who I looked at and immediately made the assumption that he may not make it in this industry. He was very reserved in his demeanor, and I couldn’t envision how he could possibly be successful at recruiting a database to get his business going, or talk to his clients about love and relationships on a day-to-day basis.

Boy was I wrong.

This student had done an extensive amount of research on the matchmaking industry, already had a database of 100 men and 100 women set up and ready to go, and was so on top of his game! The way he presented himself in the room totally fooled us all.  In fact, he had sold his first contract the day before he flew out for the training.  There are so any students that talk a big game that don’t follow through as successfully as this under the radar student did.  The point is, the proof is always in the results.

Those who come to train with me come from all over the world and from every career path that you can imagine. I have trained ex-lawyers, former pastors, nurses, head hunters, real estate brokers, various forms of financial workers, even a couple of doctors- you name the career, I’ve seen someone transition from it into a successful matchmaking career.

What is it that draws this eclectic group of people to the same career change? Everyone has a different answer. Some were seeking the change because they had been in a career that was extremely isolating, others had jobs that they found unfulfilling, and some were just plain old miserable day to day. Mostly, these people are looking for an exciting, long lasting career with unlimited earning potential and flexible hours where they can help people find long lasting, meaningful relationships.

The lesson to take away from this is something that relates to dating, and life in general.  You never know the ways a person will blow you away. Take time to get to know people. They will usually surprise you.

If I’ve sparked your interest in learning more about the Matchmaking Institute, get in touch! We are holding our next training in New York City in January!