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What You Can Learn From Kim & Kanye’s Marriage

Kim Kardashian and Kayne WestSo, Kimye is officially official! Have you all been drooling over the pics of their wedding like I have? I just can’t get e-frickin’-nough. I love a good wedding and Kim and Kanye know how to throw down. Everything about it was so glitzy and just the right amount of over-the-topness to reflect the bride and groom. I’m a huge fan of Kim and Kanye’s relationship and here are three things I think you can learn from them.

Have something in common

I always say that when it comes to long-term relationships, two people need to have a common interest. Of course, that’s not all you need to have in common. You should have similar values, five-year plans that synch up, the same perspective on having kids and an agreed upon financial strategy. What I mean when I say you need to have a common interest is a hobby or passion. Every couple needs to share something fun that both people love doing together. Kim and Kanye both love fashion. Gushing over new designs, shopping and creating their own styles are things they’ll enjoy doing together forever and it will help keep their relationship fresh and fun. Be sure your relationship has that too.

Celebrate your love

I know so many people who let the rest of their life get in the way of celebrating their love for their partner. Kim and Kanye aren’t two of those people, though. I mean, they got married at Versailles for crying out loud! They know how to celebrate each other! Finding your life partner is something you should celebrate every single day. And while that might not be possible with diapers and bills and busy schedules, be sure you celebrate big milestones together, like anniversaries. Both of you will value your relationship more if you treat it like it’s the special thing that it is.

Ignore the haters

One of the main reasons that I admire Kim and Kanye is that they don’t pay any mind to all the weird and pointless hate there is for them out there. They know that they have something special and they just ignore the nasty stuff everyone says about them. Not every decision you make in your romantic life or with your partner will be popular with your friends and family. But, you know what’s right for you, your relationship and your family. Take a tip from Kim and Kanye and you do you. Don’t listen to the haters.

I can’t be the only one out there who loves Kim and Kanye’s relationship. If you love them too, let me hear it in the comments!