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Back Seat, Windows Up? Your Guide to Hot Car Sex

hot car sexDear Emily,

My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years and have been doing the long distance relationship thing for the past year. Luckily, we have the whole summer to spend together! We’ve made a ton of fun plans, including a 12 hour road trip up the coast of California… Which brings me to my question.

My boyfriend has always had a thing for fooling around in the car, and especially loves the idea of “road head”. While I’m definitely not trying to die that way, I’d love to meet him halfway and surprise him with some spontaneous car sex. I know he’ll love it no matter what, but I’m worried it’s going to be kind of awkward. How can I pull this off and make it a pleasurable time for everyone?

Thanks for everything you do,

First of all, I love that you’re thinking outside the bedroom Hanna! After spending the past year apart, a lot of couples would be more than willing to settle for a few weeks of sex in the same bed. Your sense of adventure is inspiring, and I know you’re boyfriend is going to love whatever you have planned.

It’s true that sex in the car can be an awkward affair. While fumbling through foreplay in the comfort of your backseat might take you back to your senior prom, it’s not always the most pleasurable place to get busy. There’s a limited amount of space, not a ton of privacy and nothing grinds a lover’s gears more than a stick shift in the back. Still, you can’t deny that there’s something undeniably HOT about pulling over into a well-hidden spot and getting it on.

Sure, it might be a bit more challenging than making love in the comfort of a hotel bed. But when done the right way, it is possible to have a successful and satisfying car sex session!

The first thing you’ll need to complete this mission is a good parking spot, because sex in a moving vehicle is a major no-go. Make sure you navigate to an area that is secluded, since one can still be slapped with a public indecency charge for sex in the car. I also recommend cracking the windows, unless your partner’s other fantasy is to reenact a scene from Gorillas in the Mist!

Most people would immediately hop into the backseat for sexy time, but I recommend staying up front and reclining the passenger seat for a little “Woman On Top” action. You might want to steer clear of any vigorous thrusting or bouncing, if possible; these motions will result in the tell-tale rocking that is likely blow your car-humping cover. Instead use the seat back as leverage as you slowly grind back and forth on top of your partner, hopefully resulting in a mind-blowing orgasm or two.

Since car sex is usually a quick engagement, it can help to bring along reinforcements, if only just to make sure that everyone gets their fair share of orgasms. The Mystic Wand from Vibratex makes for an excellent travel toy due it’s lightweight design, powerful vibrations and the fact that it’s compact enough to fit inside the glove compartment! I also recommend a pulling out a condom for this rendezvous, since clean-up can be a bit tricky.

Once you’ve both completed your mission, you can crank up the AC and bask in your shared naughtiness before you get back on the road!

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