The Love Report

Are You Unapproachable at The Gym?

Have you been exercising for years yet have never met a man at the gym?

Do you wonder why it’s always the same girls there getting hit on?

Even though they aren’t that good looking and don’t have killer bodies?

Even if you didn’t join a gym to meet men, it would probably be a nice change from Tinder or, where so much is a still a mystery.

The gym is one of the last places in our daily lives where we’re sharing a common experience, yet so many of us disconnect from the possibility of meeting someone of the opposite sex.

The thing is, you’re probably sending all the wrong signals and don’t even realize it.

Join David Wygant and I today on the Love Report where we dissect much of the antisocial behavior going on at the gym that literally repels men and show you how just a small adjustment in your approach could bring huge changes to your life.