5 Reasons Why Girls Can’t Resist a Bad Boy

How to know if your bad boy is boyfriend materialIt hit us the other day that we love bad boys. We came to this realization while watching an episode of the OC, while we were missing our high school days and feeling nostalgic. We always were Ryan Atwood fans, whereas all our high school friends, dressed in their catholic school girl uniforms, prefered the straight laced and quirky Seth Cohen. The reality of our obsession sunk in as we switched from the OC to “Walk the Line” and started instantly swooning over the conflicted bad boy Johnny Cash. We just love him. Upon further discovery, we realized that in the TV and movie world, we almost always instantly fall for the bad boy. We know that we are not alone.

We’d like to point out in bold that the bad boys we love on TV are very different than the assholes some of us may date. The bad boys that we love are conflicted, they want to be a good guy, they just can’t help but mess up sometimes or they are good guys stuck in a bad situation. Assholes however, CHOOSE to be assholes. In our fantasy and reality worlds, bad boys don’t choose to be that way, they just are. We love the bad boys, not the assholes. So what is so irresistible about them? As girls who are notably obsessed and even dated this rare breed of man, we’ve detailed 5 very good reasons.

  1. They are mysterious. You’re always always entertained when you’re dating a bad boy. They’re more introspective so it leaves you constantly guessing what is on his mind and what internal struggles he’s going through. A brooding bad boy is beyond sexy because you can never figure him out!
  2. They’re not fake. They’re not the type of guys to plaster on a smile to please other people. They are 100% true to themselves at all times, which is a really attractive. The bad boy can be this way because he doesn’t give a F*ck about what other people think of him, he’s too busy figuring himself out.
  3. They are edgy. They make preppy polo wearing guys look like little boys. Bad boys are look and behave like MEN, they are scruffy and rugged. They like pushing the envelope and living on the edge which makes him super fun to date because he’s constantly pushing you out of your comfort zone. This can be a great experience because you’ve got a big strong man with you to hold your hand while you test your own limits.
  4. They have big hearts. Sure, they may not show their emotions all that often; but when they do… you really know that it is meaningful! A big long emotional talk with a bad boy means more than one with a guy who is a “Mr. Sensitive”. When he does open up his heart to you, you know its a rare experience he’s choosing to have with you and you alone.
  5. They are protectors. Bad boys are rough and tough, but when they know that someone is in their corner they are loyal to them and will always be there to protect them. Knowing this keeps you safe and secure at all times. Have a bad nightmare? All you have to do is curl up next to him and know that all will be ok since he is there. What more could a girl ask for?

We are sure many a girl out there has been burned by a bad boy. For that, we feel your pain and understand how hard he is to get over. The 5 reasons above are swoon-worthy and tough characteristics to move on from. Just be thankful that a bad boy came your way and that you could enjoy a maybe once in a lifetime chance to be with a guy who, like in the movies, is larger than life.