3 Major online dating mistakes you’re definitely making

online dating mistakesOnline dating is tough thing to master. I’m a professional matchmaker and I’ve made mistakes! So, I can only assume that “normals” who don’t make their living on love are definitely making mistakes when it comes to the swiping game. Even though online dating has become the norm, and essentially mandatory, when it comes to finding a potential partner, that doesn’t mean that it’s natural or easy. To help you all out with this tough part of the dating hunt, I thought I’d highlight three mistakes that I know you’re making on dating apps.

Trying to get to know him

Remember that you’re on dating apps, not pen pal apps. After you match with a dude, the goal is not to get to know him via chit chat, it’s to get together in person and see if there’s any chemistry. It’s so easy to get swept up in witty banter or a few sweet messages, but those aren’t real! What happens in chat isn’t an indication of how compatible you guys are. You can only determine that from meeting it person. Even if your texting is really fun, you’re not doing yourself any favors by delaying the first date. So, focus on making plans to meet instead of dodging his date invitations and continuing your flirty convo.

Being casual

Online dating isn’t something you can take lightly. If you’re serious about finding a partner for the long haul, you’ve got to get serious about how you find the guy. Casually swiping whenever you’re bored or waiting at a doctor’s appointment is not enough. You’ve got to get serious and structured about your online dating. Set aside two to three nights a week for online dates and then mark off at least an hour a day for swiping and chatting. It sounds like a lot, I know. But, if you want online dating to work for you, you’ve got to treat it like a part time job and work for it!

Not experimenting

You should always be tweaking your online dating profile to see what attracts the type of men you’re looking for. Try a new profile picture and supplemental pictures. Experiment with new bios or headlines. See what words to inspire the most interesting conversations and get likes from the men you want to date. You could be surprised! And changing a picture for a day or two is a very low risk to take for a potentially very worthwhile reward, like a soul mate! You’re fantastic in person, I know it! You just need to tweak your profile a few times to be sure you’re portraying the right version of yourself.

Hope that’s helpful, single ladies! Now get out there and find your guy!