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How to know if meeting your boo’s family actually went well

You did it! You met your boo’s family for the first time. You did the awkward dinner, got grilled during an interrogation, heard the boring stories and survived! Congrats! There’s a lot of relief in making it through the first meeting, so enjoy it. But, if you’re anything like me, that calm doesn’t last for long. It’s immediately pushed out the way by my desire for validation. Basically, all that goes through my head after an important meet-the-family moment is “Did they like me? Did they? Did they?” It’s a little needy, I know. But, I’m just being honest, folks. I like a little (honestly, more like a lot of) reinforcement and I’m guessing you do too. So, here’s how to know if meeting your boo’s family actually went well. Read more

Dos and don’ts for introducing your man to your friends

The friends-meet-man intro can be as daunting as introducing your dude to your family. There’s a ton of build up, lots of judgment (even if it’s coming from a good place, it’s judgment) and nerves. Plus, with friends, you can’t explain away their behavior by saying “Eh, I’m related to them!” You picked your friends. They’re a true reflection of you! So, here are some easy dos and don’ts for making sure the friend meet-n-greet goes well. Read more

Are you really ready for the holidays with his family?

Thanksgiving is coming up, folks! You probably didn’t need me to tell you that. Grocery stores, drug stores and Hallmark stores have been ready for the holidays since mid-August, I think. Maybe July, depending on where you live! But, now’s the time of year where we really start to think seriously about actual plans for the holidays. So, let’s get to planning. Are you ready to spend it with your new boo’s family? If you’re not sure one way or another, here are some guiding questions to help you figure it out? (“Guiding questions” is what my elementary school reading teacher used to call our language arts homework. And that was always my favorite subject! Anyway...) Read more

How to tell if you should bring your new man on family vacation

I just went on a little trip and wound up chatting with a woman by the pool. She was there on family vacation with her husband and kids…and her daughter’s new boyfriend. Even though we’d just met, she unloaded on me about this boyfriend. And it wasn’t pretty. The parents couldn’t believe that their daughter even asked to bring him but they didn’t know how to say know, he wasn’t vibing with the family, and her other daughter felt completely left out for the entire trip. Then, the daughter and her boyfriend fought and seemed to be on the verge of breaking up! Read more

How to deal when the haters are your loved ones

I’m a tabloid junkie. There. I said it. Now that it’s out in the open, we can move on. So many juicy stories in tabloids start with the phrase “a source close to the celeb says” and then fill in any salacious detail you want. It’s all been said and done and used in those smutty publications (which I adore! But still, totally smutty). I’ve been the subject of enough gossip stories to know that much of what they publish is garbage and completely unfounded, but every once in a while, it’s true. And a celeb will find out that someone they thought of as a trusted confidant is spilling their beans to whomever pays top dollar. Read more

What to do when your family is annoying about you being single

Every single girl has been asked annoying questions about her relationship status by her family. It’s just one (of the many!) terrible parts of being single. (Of course, there are awesome parts of being single, too!) Sometimes, though, it goes past the point of pesky and can feel like an out and out attack. It can be super rough. I’ve been through it several times with well-meaning (but incredibly annoying) aunts and family friends and I have a few tips on how to deal when your family isn’t supportive of your single status. Read more