Celebrity beauty lines I love

You know those pages in tabloids that are all about celebrities being just like us? Well, I absolutely love them. I love feeling like I can relate to my favorite celebs, and that’s why I especially love when celebrities come out with their own beauty lines. One more step to being just like them! Here are my celeb beauty lines favorites. Read more

10 Ways to get your relationship stress on a zen level

You know that happy couple that’s so blissfully in love they never have an ounce of stress and spend every single second just hearting each other to pieces with no mixed feelings? Yeah, me neither. Because that couple doesn’t exist. Every single relationship involves some level of stress. Money, relationship status, in-laws, friends, social situations, basically anything and everything can bring stress into your relationship. So here are 10 ways to get your relationship-related stress a little more under control. Hope they help you out. Read more

The science behind attraction: What draws you to someone?

How many times has your best friend, the person you know the best in the whole wide world, fallen for someone you never expected? For me, I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count. And if we’re being honest here, there have been times that I’ve fallen for guys I never would have picked for myself. Attraction is a funny thing like that. There are some key factors that you can count on, but there’s also a lot of mystery involved. If you’re looking to lessen your future shock factor, you might want to know some of the key elements behind attraction. So here they are. Read more

Love lessons from black and white movies

I’ll admit that I’m a reality TV junkie. I watch everything from The Bachelor to Hoarders to every single one of the Real Housewives franchises. But my other guilty pleasure is black and white movies. I love the old-school glamour. And those men are men! No metrosexual ridiculousness going on with them. They knew what they wanted, and they went for it. And of course, I love the love in those movies. There was real romance back then. Black and white movies have real lessons to teach about love. Here are three of my favorite. Read more

My favorite date spots from coast to coast

Picking the perfect date spot is a lot of pressure. Here’s the thing though, the spot is such a small percentage of what makes a date magical. It’s way more about your chemistry. So you shouldn’t stress at all about the place. And to help you not stress, I’ve come up with this helpful list of general spots that exist just about everywhere in the country and make great settings for the perfect date to unfold. Read more

What to do when he starts sexting you

Ever had a guy you’ve been flirting with take it a little too far? I think every woman’s been there. The coffee shop guy who gives you extra whipped cream every morning asks for your number. Or the guy at work you have lunch with sometimes asks to take you out for drinks. Or maybe it’s a guy at a bar who gets a little handsy way before you’re comfortable with it. It’s just something that happens between men and women. And with cell phones part of the norm, these little misfires are becoming more common on text. So here’s what to do when a guy takes your flirty text relationship to the next level and starts sexting with you. Read more