Why Do Men Go Cold?

Women ask me all the time, “David, why do men go cold? I’ve been seeing this guy. It’s been going great, and I thought he liked me. Now he isn’t answering my calls or texts. I just don’t get it. What’s gone wrong?” And the thing is, there could be a dozen reasons why a man goes cold on you. He could be scared of commitment, he could be a player, he could be married, or perhaps something in your behavior pushed him away. Read more

Women with penises and men with vaginas

Man with a vagina wears lipstick
Have you heard the saying there are a lot of men walking around with vaginas nowadays? How about women who have penises? Listen today as David Wygant and I talk about how too many out there are walking around with their man-ginas. And too many women lead with their male penis. What does a woman with a penis look like? No, we’re not talking about ‘chicks with dicks’. Or women with really short hair and big muscles. Read more

#AskPatti: Gay teen advice, dealing with the past, sexy dresses & more!

Ask Patti Stanger
Hello, hello! Hope everyone had a fantastic week. I know I did. I had a lot of small, but great stuff happen to me this week, which felt so wonderful. The world can be a really magnificent place! I hope you all felt the same way about your weeks! One of my favorite parts of my week was checking the #AskPatti hashtag and seeing all of you questions pour in. I couldn’t answer all of them in this column, but I’ve noted them and will definitely get to them soon! Read more

Are You Like Your Online Profile

Woman fills out online dating profile
Do you date online? It’s not easy is it? You have to wade through hundreds of profiles and incoming messages from men. Then you have to spend hours trying to figure out which ones you like, and which ones are complete frauds. That’s before you try working out which ones only want to wave their penises at you on a webcam. But the biggest issue with online dating for women, is working out which men are telling the truth on their profiles. You see, men have a habit of putting the superhero version of themselves on their dating profile. Read more

How To Start Living (And Dating!) After The Kids Leave The Nest

empty nested mom


My kids are at college and out of the house. I am single mom, and feel like it is my turn to get living. I need some help though. I have no idea how to begin. Where in the world do I start? Read more

You’ll find love when you least expect it…or will you? Part 2

A couples holds hands on the beach finding love where they least expected it
In my last blog I wrote about how love won’t necessarily come find you, so put yourself in situations to maximize your chances of meeting a potential partner. Although your surroundings are important, you also have to prepare yourself in order to meet someone. One of the questions that I ask my single clients in their quest for love is: Do you believe that you deserve to have a good and loving relationship? What is your answer? If you expect good treatment and believe you deserve respect, you will get it; if you don’t, then you won’t. You’ll be much more likely to put up with bad or disrespectful behavior if that’s all you think you’re worthy of or that you won’t find anyone better. I have worked with many singles who, at their core, didn’t believe that they deserved a great relationship. So when they met someone who was drama-free and actually nice, they thought, “She is too good for me” or “This is too easy, how can this nice guy like me?” and ended any possibility of a relationship. Read more