Real Girl’s Kitchen: Shrimp and grapefruit kale salad

Haylie Duff's salad recipe
There is nothing I love more than a great kale salad. My love for kale runs so deep that I almost capitalize the 'K' every time I type the word. If you read my blog RealGirl' you are already well aware of my kale obsession. I would eat it at every meal and have even found ways to incorporate it in to breakfast. This salad is just another great way to add some excitement to an already stellar green. If you aren't loading up on kale, here is why you should! Read more

Patti’s birthday bash

Patia Eaton and Ashlynn Yennie at Blushington
It’s hard to believe I ever had a nine-to-five job where we celebrated coworkers’ birthdays at an awkward table in our office kitchen or copy room. Last thursday, my boss lady celebrated her birthday and launch of at Koi in Hollywood. With help from our ladies at SheKnows, we threw a star-studded event complete with a performance by A Fine Frenzy and a three-foot masterpiece from Charm City Cakes West. Who did I spend my day prepping with? Ashlynn Yennie. I get that it looks like I have one friend in ALL of Los Angeles, but I SWEAR I’m branching out. Read more

Love the skin you’re in! P.s. these products will help!

There is nothing sexier than gorgeous skin. It’s one of my favorite assets to play up. Not only will men notice when you take care of your skin by the way it looks and feels, you’ll feel sexier and more confident when you can show off a silky smooth glow. Men love happy women -- so make sure you're sending the right vibe by making yourself beautiful inside and out. First thing's first -- I'm launching my own cosmetic line and it's for you ladies. From SPF to skin plumping agents and ingredients that reduce red lines, it will meet all your needs. Keep checking for more details! In the meantime... Read more

How and why to staycation with your lover

Rachel and Destin on a stay-cation with Sin Halo
Everyone needs a little break from the madness that we call life. Between matchmaking, movie making, TV filming and Sin Halo raising, we know all too well about needing some serious R&R! For most people, it’s tough to get away for a long period of time -- not to mention the tons of cash it takes. With a schedule that is all over the map, it's hard for us, too! So we like to go on staycations where we get away while staying close to home. Every staycation can be as easy breezy or extravagant as you like… or can afford. Here are some great ideas that Destin and I have done in the past. Read more

Real Girl’s Kitchen: Chili lime drumsticks

Drumsticks recipe by Haylie Duff
After a few weeks of loading up on vegetarian-friendly dishes, I felt like it was time to incorporate some protein into our diets. These drumsticks are some of my favorite things to make (and eat!) because the flavor combinations are endless. I prefer them on the spicy side, but no matter how you season them, they always come out of the oven juicy and delicious. Since they aren't breaded or fried, you can chow down carefree. Read more

The birthday cake reveal

Charm City Cakes West made a seriously awesome cake for Patti and Alison Sudol from A Fine Frenzy performed a lovely rendition of Happy Birthday. The five tier cake was all dressed in black and reminded her guests of some of her Patti-isms. With pink, white and silver accents the cake was buttery and light, just like a wedding cake. Click below to watch the footage...