Stop Freaking Out About Love!

Woman worries about finding love
Did any of you see the HBO standup show by Louis C.K? He called it, “Oh My God.” Honestly, if you haven’t watched it yet, I urge you to get a copy online. It’s incredibly funny and accurate. Louis C.K is a great comic anyway, and one of the best at observational comedy, and in this show he does a great routine about dating. What makes the thing so hysterical is how accurate and true to life it is. Read more

#AskPatti: Loving your body, taking back a cheater, finding good guys & more

Ask Patti Stanger
Hi, my digital loves. How are you? I’m great! Spring has actually sprung all around the country! Even my poor icicles on the East Coast are telling me that it’s actually starting to thaw over there. Phew! I thought all of my East Coast girlfriends were going to turn into vampires, it had been so long since they’d seen the sun! Glad that the long winter is finally over everywhere! Alright, this week I got some real winner questions. Let’s dive into them! Read more

What is it like working for Patti & modern dating challenges

What is it like working for Patti? Is she really the same person as she is off camera?

One word: Entertaining. Have you ever found yourself being on the edge of your seat watching a movie to find out what’s going to happen next? That’s how I feel working alongside Patti. Working with Patti thus far has been an amazing opportunity. Not only do I get to learn from the best in the business and pick up on her dating insight, I’m able to help people truly find love. I love the thought of love and everything that surrounds it so its gratifying for all of us at The Millionaire's Club working together to make love happen. Read more

Single Parents: How And Why You Should Get Back In The Dating Game

single mom leaves home to go on a date
Let’s face it; dating as a single parent is challenging. Time constraints, worrying about other people's expectations and fear of the unknown can often make the process feel stressful and complicated. Still, the obstacles that we face while dating as single parents shouldn’t deter us from looking for our next big love and even having some fun. Read more

Are You Unapproachable at The Gym?

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Is Time Running Out For You To Find Love?

Woman worries about time running out for love
You’ve just woken up, and as you lay in your bed, you start to hear this strange tick tick ticking sound. All the clocks in your home are digital, so you spend the next hour going out of your mind trying to figure out where it’s coming from. You turn your home upside down, looking for some old alarm clock you’d forgotten about, and then it hits you! It’s not a mysterious old clock. It’s your own internal “relationship clock” ticking! It almost feels like a real sound you can hear. Read more