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Why Older Men Date Younger Women

Do you want to know why older men date younger women?

It’s because they’re less of a pain in the ass.

I can’t be any more blunt than that.

Younger women are appreciative of the experience they are getting with an older man.

The guy could be 20 years older, he’s more successful, and he’s teaching and showing her how to be more successful.

He’s taking her places that she can’t afford on her own.

He’s showing her things sexually that the young guys, well, don’t exactly know how to do.

She’s got appreciation for him, but it’s a relationship based on that.

The older guy is appreciative that a hot young woman wants to be with him.

We both know there’s nothing permanent there. But, if they enjoy the moments that they have together, it’s a mutually beneficial relationship on so many levels… and one that can’t be resisted.

Personally I’ve been trying to date women over the age of 40. They’re more age appropriate, more on my wavelength, and have more things I can relate to. But I’m kind of getting tired of it.

I’m tired of the flaking.

I’m tired of the excessive alcohol use on dates.

I’m tired of playing the game of cat and mouse trying to get them to go out.

It’s like I’m literally going through a shit test just so I can provide I’m not the asshole that burned them before.

It’s becoming exhausting.

Looking at your pictures on online dating sites and apps with you and your fur baby held close to your face, you’re becoming tiring to me. Your flaking, your excuses and your fears are exhausting to not only me, but also to millions of other men out there.

I’m not going to put every woman over the age of 40 in this category.

But, I recently did a survey of over 10,000 women from the age of 40 to 60.

And the percentage of you that flake on the first date was 81%.


81% of you will flake on a first date. The reasons you gave were:

  • There was something he said that you didn’t really trust.
  • Something came up at work. Which by the way is one of the biggest man excuses in the world.
  • You want to go out with him but you just weren’t feeling it that night.

And the list goes on and on, deeper and deeper.

But I’m going to call bullshit to bullshit. You can’t go and bullshit a bullshitter.

You see, I was younger once.

I was tardy for gym class nonstop my senior year of high school. Why?

I didn’t want to sweat. I wanted to look good for the girls.

So, I never showed up.

And when it was the week before graduation, I showed up in Mr. Ron Busheer’s class.

I had a list of excused absences. I had them tucked into my shorts. As I was jogging around the track, he looked at me and said “Wygant.”

I said “What?”

He said “Summer school for you.”

I looked at him and I said, “Coach, I’ve got all my excuses.”

He let me jog one more time around, allowing me to think about it. I couldn’t believe that I was actually going to go to summer school for skipping gym.

As I get closer to him I whip out all my pieces of paper and I’m flashing it toward him. All my absences, all the excuses.

I said, “Coach, here they are.”

He looks at me, and he says, “Wygant, don’t bullshit a bullshitter.”

I said “What do you mean? What do you mean?” He looked at me and he says, “Have a great life.”

It was a great lesson from somebody who’s seen everything.

And when women flake on men, and they send me a list of all the excuses…


The dog’s out sick…

A friend needed them…

My thing is exactly what I was told when I thought I was a clever eighteen-year old senior in high school: Don’t bullshit a bullshitter.

This is the real reason why you’re flaking.

You see, you’re flaking because you immediately put all men into the same category.

Immediately, they’re all assholes until proven otherwise. So when a great man comes at you with a relationship in mind, and actually treats you nicely via phone and text and actually does what he says, well, you don’t trust it because of all the shit that happened to you over the last 40 years of your life.

I understand that.

So in turn, you don’t meet him. You push him off. The problem is, you’re missing out on what could have been the greatest guy you’ve ever met.

Don’t bullshit a bullshitter. I’ve flaked on people many times before. I’ve used all the same excuses. I know a flake excuse from a real excuse any day of the week.

The real excuse is, you’d rather sit home with your bottle of wine.

With your sex toy.

And do what’s been safe for you and maybe just pet your fur baby as you watch reruns of TV and drink a glass of wine and relax and save yourself. You’re so glad that you didn’t go out with another asshole.

Unfortunately, that other asshole was actually a pretty goddamn good guy. So, it’s your loss once again.