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Would You Rather Date A Man Or A Robot?

Would you date a robot?
I have a serious question for you ladies today. Would you date a robot? If an robot turned up in your bedroom, and said in his little robot voice, “I...can…make…you…happy” would you make him your boyfriend? If he looked at you with those cute robotic eyes, and told you he loved you, would you give him a chance? Are you open to a relationship with a robot? Read more

Why Do Men Watch Porn?

why do men watch porn?
Women ask me this question all the time. “Why do men watch porn? I’m with a great guy, and we have a great sex life, but he still insists on watching porn. Why won’t he stop?” So why do guys watch porn? To be honest, I believe men watch porn because they don’t want to tell women what they really desire sexually. And from a woman’s point of view, it’s difficult to know exactly how to turn a man on. If he doesn’t talk to you about his fantasies, it’s impossible. Read more

How to come onto a guy

how to seduce a man
So how do you come onto a guy? It’s not as easy as you think. And most women just don’t know how to do it. So let’s talk about the best ways to come onto a guy so he craves, and desires you more than any other woman he meets. Here’s the first thing you need to know… Men like to chase. And when I say chase, I don’t mean you don’t answer his texts or calls, because that’s the quickest way to turn a man off. Read more

Why Don’t Men Call?

why doesn't he call?
Doesn’t it drive you crazy? You meet a guy, you smile, you chat for a while, and then you give him your phone number. You’re waiting for him to call you, but instead he gets into a text game with you. But wait, let me ask you this question… When a man DOES call you, do you pick up the phone? If you miss his call, do you ring him back right away? Or do you just text him back and carry on with the texting game. Back and forth you go, without actually speaking or arranging a date. In today’s modern digital world, everyone is so confused. Nobody knows what to do when they meet someone. Should we call? Should we text? Should we Tweet? Read more

Warning! Having Great Sex Can Blind You!

woman is blindfolded to sex
I was having a conversation with a client of mine earlier. We were talking about her relationship with a new man she’s been dating. Things haven’t been going well, so we looked at whether it was worth saving the relationship, or getting out before things deteriorate. I asked her to write down all the positive things about the guy on one side of a sheet of paper, and all the negative things on the other. She thought for a while and then started writing furiously. At the end of it, there were three things on the positive side, and ten things on the negative. What was top of the list on the positive side? GREAT SEX!  Read more

How do I get him to kiss me?

Man goes in for a kiss with a woman
So, you're dating a shy boy. (You notice I don't use the term shy man.) You're dating the guy. You've been on a couple of dates. And he’s just terrified to kiss you. You start thinking to yourself, “How do I get him to kiss me? What’s wrong with me?” There's nothing wrong with you! There are just some guys out there that are absolutely terrified to initiate any physical contact with a woman. In fact, guys ask me at my seminars all the time, “How do I initiate a kiss with a woman?” Read more