3 Ways you can (almost) instantly make him a better boyfriend

I know you can’t “make” anyone do anything they don’t want to do. I’ve been to therapy. I’ve heard that, too. But, I do think you can make your boyfriend be a better partner to you… assuming that he wants to be as good a boyfriend as possible. And he should want that. If not, this dude isn’t worth dating. So, kick him to the curb! Consider that a bonus tip on how to make him a better boyfriend. If your guy is a dud who doesn’t care about making you happy, he’d be a better boyfriend to you as an ex! But, moving on, if you’re dating a good guy who could just use a little oomph in the better boyfriend department, follow these three easy steps and you’ll instantly have a better boyfriend.


It’s all about communication. It’s always all about communication! If you want to make your boyfriend a better boyfriend, you need to tell him exactly how to do that. Let him know that you want him to tell you you’re beautiful more often. Or straight up ask him to get you better gifts for your birthday. I know it feels weird to say these things out loud. But, your boyfriend isn’t a mind reader. And telling him exactly how to make you feel loved doesn’t make him doing those things any less romantic or loving. We’ve all been brainwashed by rom coms to think that men will come to us knowing everything about how to make us happy. And that’s very, very untrue. No man knows everything about you. So, don’t be afraid to tell him!


I notice women focusing on what their boyfriend isn’t doing or doesn’t have. If that’s you, I’d suggest that instead of spending your energy lamenting what’s not there, you should zoom in on what’s great about him. And what helps me really focus is writing. So, write down three amazing things about your boyfriend every day. This writing might not change him, but it will shift your perception of him. And perception is reality. You’ll see the great guy you’re dating! Voila! Instant better boyfriend. And, a bonus of this writing method is that within a few months of daily lists, you’ll have an entire journal of why you love him. That’s a really good anniversary gift!


A really easy way to get your boyfriend to do more things you like is to make him feel awesome about the good things he already does for you. The more you positively reinforce his good behavior, the more he’ll do it! It’s such a simple concept. If you tell him how much you like it when he makes dinner for you, I bet he’ll do it a lot more frequently. And if you make a big deal out of how amazing it is that he warms up your car for you in the winter, he’ll feel great about doing it…so he’ll keep doing it! Tell him how great he already is and he’ll be even greater.

Here’s to having an even better boyfriend than you already have…almost instantly!